The state of new York extended the isolation mode until may 15

the state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that the speed of spread of the virus should be reduced. According to him, the decision to extend the exclusion was made without the participation of the White house and after consultation with the governors of other northeastern States. It is possible that the regime might be extended again, the issue will be decided in may.

the Governor also warned that from Friday evening regime will be tightened. All residents are required to wear protective masks and keep a distance of 1.8 meters from other people. Wearing a mask will be required subway passengers and buses, but also drivers and passengers of personal vehicles.

Cuomo said that every day in the state hospital, received about two thousand new patients with coronavirus. Wednesday in new York, 606 people died from COVID-19, which is the lowest daily average for the last week. All in all, the state of the victims of the coronavirus were more than 12 thousand citizens.

Meanwhile, the city of new York are preparing to use 11 thousands of empty hotel rooms for a possible placement of patients with coronavirus. The mayor of new York bill de Blasio also said the city faced a projected loss of tax revenue in the amount of 7.4 billion dollars in the last month because of a pandemic.

meanwhile, back of 5.24 million Americans filed applications for the registration as unemployed last week, says The Guardian, citing the US Department of labor. Thus, starting with March 14 for receiving unemployment benefits turned 22.2 million citizens of the United States. Previously the maximum number of Americans who applied for help within one month, was recorded in 1992 when the application for benefits filed 2.7 million citizens.