Reception of applications for participation in the contest the Breakthrough of the year has been extended until the end of the summer

Reception of applications for participation in the competition for the Moscow businessmen. As said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor in connection with the current situation the results of the contest postponed from 25 may for an indefinite period.

to participate in the award “Breakthrough of the year” can representatives


the Title will select the best entrepreneur, which exports its own products and services.

In category— SMEs with the highest growth and development.

the Best in the business: it begins accepting applications for participation in contest “the Breakthrough of the year” Muscovites will choose the jury prize for entrepreneurs, “Breakthrough of the year”

in addition, this year were announced for two new categories. This is for small and medium business in the sphere of software and innovation.

the Winner in each of the main nominations of the contest “the Breakthrough of the year” will receive an individual communication the promotion from the Moscow Government. It will include advertising services business on the Federal channels and radio stations, digital-promotion of products and services, as well as the placement of outdoor advertising on the streets of Moscow.

the First contest “the Breakthrough of the year” took place in 2019 In the finals 31 the entrepreneur. The best businessmen chose participants of the project “Active citizen” and the Council of the office for the protection of the business. The contest received more than 35 thousand applications.