We all love various jewelry, accessories, objects, wear and use them to complete the image, to draw attention to ourselves or emphasize the status. Many attach great importance to the color and type of stones, the format of the product, design. Few people pay attention to the metal, but astrologers recommend to look closely at the material from which the jewelry is made. For example, 14k gold capricorn pendant can benefit the sign, but silver is not. Let’s find out what to pay attention to when choosing to benefit from metals.


Silver is generally considered to be a versatile and sometimes sacred metal for many, but there are some signs that benefit the most from it. For Pisces, it can help in various areas of life and acts as a good luck charm. Sagittarians are recommended to wear silver to avoid trouble, overcome difficulties in communication and relationships. Gemini can protect themselves from risks, emphasize irresistibility. Cancerians can also benefit from this metal, but it affects somewhat weaker than other signs.

Base metals

The world is not divided into silver and gold, other metals can be very useful to the signs of the zodiac, especially if they are pendants talismans. For Taurus, aluminum will give confidence and help to cope with fears. To Cancerians, titanium and its alloys are recommended by astrologers to deal with stubbornness. Aluminum, tin and copper will bring Virgo’s logic and feelings into balance. Bronze can be a boost for Libra to cope with the tasks set for themselves, to be purposeful. Steel is a great option for resilient Scorpios to not succumb to anything influenced.


Lions, who are patronized by the Sun, will appreciate this metal at face value. This metal will give them vitality, boost their mood and keep them out of trouble. Also will be useful pendants 14K gold Capricorns, they will bring prosperity, fill with energy, although platinum will also be relevant as an amulet. Aries is always active and dynamic, it is this metal that will help to feed on energy, so as not to use up its potential. For Aquarians, gold will be a true guardian, one that will keep away bad influences and help build strong relationships.


Not all signs of the zodiac can be suitable for one metal, some feel great from alloys, and not always precious. Under certain conditions, mixtures of metals will have a beneficial effect on Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius.

As you can see, for each zodiac, different metals have a special meaning. Making the right choice can improve character, get rid of bad and get positive energy, strengthen their own qualities. Bronze, tin, silver, gold, copper, platinum, bronze or steel to choose you, but you should do it based on your sign.