President Joe Biden considers it shameful for the United States that the House of Representatives of the Congress will not get to work in any way due to the fact that congressmen cannot elect a speaker. He said this on Wednesday during a conversation with journalists in Kentucky, American TV companies broadcast the communication of the head of state with the press.

The United States failed to elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives on the second attempt

The President was asked whether he was concerned about the possible consequences of the protracted process of electing a speaker, because of which the legislature is not functioning.

“Of course [I’m concerned],” he replied.

“There are two reasons,” Biden stressed.

"The first is that it is a shame for the country. And in this case I am speaking literally", – he noted.

“The situation in which Congress cannot function is simply shameful. We are the greatest country in the world. How is this possible?”quot; – Biden wondered.

"And we <…”there were already a lot of problems with attacks on our institutions,” the president added.

Following the results of the November congressional elections, the Republican Party gained control of the lower house. The Congress of the new convocation began its work on January 3. It was assumed that a new speaker of the House of Representatives would be elected on Tuesday, but according to the results of three rounds of voting, the winner was not revealed. On the evening of January 3, the meeting was completed and resumed on Wednesday. This is the first time in 100 years that the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives was not limited to one round. The last time such a situation took place was in 1923. Then it took as many as nine rounds of voting to choose a speaker.

The sixth round of voting is currently underway. The elections will continue until one of the candidates gets enough votes. Prior to the appointment of the speaker, the work of the lower house of Congress remains, in fact, paralyzed, since legislators cannot take the oath and proceed to full-fledged legislative activity.