Sergei Sobyanin called 2023 a breakthrough year for the Moscow healthcare system. The ongoing changes will allow it to reach a qualitatively new level, he said in an interview with the TV channel “Russia 1”.

The unified medical information system, which, according to Sergei Sobyanin, is one of the best in the world, also allows improving the quality of care. The center of the system is an electronic medical card, which makes the system patient—oriented. “All laboratory data, X-ray images, patient complaints, all doctors’ appointments are uploaded there. Firstly, it is a system of prompts to the doctor — when the doctor prescribes drugs with the help of artificial intelligence, and makes diagnoses, and laboratory tests,” said the Mayor of Moscow.

During the pandemic, the electronic system began to use the capabilities of artificial intelligence — it helped doctors to read CT scans. Today it is used in the diagnosis of oncological, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Polyclinics, ambulances, and hospitals are connected to a single system. This is a powerful information system, without which it is difficult to imagine modern medicine, Sergei Sobyanin stressed.