Car presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s politically incorrect jokes are legendary. In a column about Duke Harry’s wife Meghan, he went too far in his own opinion – and could now fly out of Amazon.

This is reported by the US celebrity magazine “Variety” in its online edition. Shortly before the end of the year, the presenter, who became known with the BBC car magazine “Top Gear”, published a column about the wife of Duke and ex-Prince Harry in the tabloid “Sun”, which was extremely scathing even by Clarkson’s standards. The text caused an international sensation and resulted in a number of complaints. Now the journalist apologized for the drastic choice of words.

However, Harry and Meghan did not accept the apology. Amazon seems to fear for the image of the digital group and, according to “Variety”, does not want to continue working with Clarkson. From 2024 there should be no other formats with the moderator. This should also mean the end of the famous car show “The Grand Tour”, which Clarkson moderates together with Richard Hammond and James May.

Clarkson wrote his column immediately after the Netflix documentary series Harry

Clarkson’s trademarks are his hateful or brilliant sayings, depending on one’s point of view, in which he makes fun of everything and everyone – be it German cars or the Germans themselves, actually all nationalities or institutions, cyclists, climate stickers and of course the entire Woke- Movement. Millions of fans around the world love the presenter for his political incorrectness. He gave Amazon good ratings – and before that the British BBC for years.

In retrospect, even an experienced distributor like Clarkson did not feel comfortable with the attack on Markle. “I’m just not sexist and I abhor violence against women. And yet I seem to endorse exactly that,” the statement read on Instagram. “I raise my hands. It’s a mea culpa with bells ringing.”

The 62-year-old Brit used to present the cult show “Top Gear” on the BBC and then switched to Amazon Prime with his colleagues James May and Richard Hammond, where, in the best Top Gear tradition, extreme car tests, spectacular trips and, of course, biting comments are featured in the successful Streaming series “The Grand Tour” were presented. In addition, the star presenter has his own series “Clarkson’s Farm”, which is about his farming hobby. After all: The new episodes of both series, which have already been turned off, will probably still be available on Amazon, according to “Variety”.

Clarkson was not kicked out of the BBC in 2015 because of poor ratings, but because of a scandal – he had slapped his producer. In an interview with FOCUS Online when asked whether he had then completed anti-aggression training, the Brit said: “No. You can ask the next question, thanks.”

Incidentally, Clarkson is absolutely no friend of the Porsche 911; something that German Top Gear and Grand Tour fans would find it difficult to forgive him. Anyone who wants to see the Brit in action will find numerous clips on YouTube with his best sayings and insults – for example here about the Porsche 911.