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Thursday, February 20, 2020

SK showed footage from the scene of a hard landing of An-2 plane in Magadan

A criminal case on the fact of violation of safety rules of operation and movement of aircraft

Died two cases of coronavirus passenger liner Diamond Princess

This was reported by Japanese media

Quarantine, disinfection and conventional medicine: in the Wuhan fight coronavirus

Despite the epidemic in China, there is growth in food prices and the boom in the stores. Most institutions work in normal mode.

Named the richest Russian according to Forbes

In the ranking changed the hitherto unchallenged leader Yelena Baturina

IMF: coronavirus could undermine the global economic recovery

The international monetary Fund has warned that the outbreak of the coronavirus has affected the economic growth in China. Its distribution in other countries could undermine the projected recovery of the global economy in 2020, writes Reuters.

More than a thousand couples register marriages in the registry office of Moscow in a beautiful date 20 Feb

Three dates of the second month of the year are in high demand

The chamber pointed to negative trends in pension provision

Almost 9 percent of pension recipients residing in 69 regions, the amount of pension is below the subsistence level, which may indicate negative trends in pension provision, notes the chamber, the report on the implementation of the Federal budget.

How to Manage Your Bankroll for Craps

Due to the immersive environment, gambling in casinos is such fun. It’s more than just the excitement of winning or losing. With...

Murder in the Shisha: a chronicle of events in the German Hanau

In the German Hanau as a result of shooting killed eight people, at least five seriously injured and are in critical condition. The police managed to detain one suspect.

Two more Russians with ship Diamond Princess was infected with the coronavirus

According to the Russian Embassy in Japan, another two Russians liner Diamond Princess discovered coronavirus COVID-2019.

Shooting in Germany: the death toll has risen to 9

The number of those killed in the shooting in the German town of Hanau had increased to nine. At least five seriously injured and are in critical condition. Police also found the body of the alleged offender.

China Central Bank lowered the basic rate on loans to support the economy against the background of the virus

The people's Bank of China on Thursday lowered its main rate on loans in an effort to support the economy amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

Putin: if you select mishustina, I was guided by his personal and professional qualities

Vladimir Putin told how there was a choice among the candidates for the post of Prime Minister.

Police found the body of the alleged shooter in the German Hanau

In the night of Thursday the man attacked hookah and Sportsbook city

Necrotico USA can lead the infamous Ambassador Grenell

Donald trump stated that the acting Director of the N. I. will be the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell - the one that has been at the center of scandals.

The absolute record heat 19 Feb beaten in Moscow

The temperature in the environment close to plus 5 degrees

Trip for two: 10 best places of Europe

February is the traditional month for romantic travel and gifts, because in February, lovers celebrate their holiday – Valentine's Day.

The democratic debates in the United States first joined the billionaire Bloomberg

In the U.S. state of Nevada today there are debates contenders for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party. In the hot verbal sparring together six candidates, including the leaders of the race, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttidzhich.

In India, the arrival of trump erected the wall to hide the slums

Municipal Corporation in the Indian city of Ahmedabad has decided to hide the slums from the eyes of the American President.

Maduro charged Guido responsibility for U.S. sanctions against the oil companies

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed the US sanctions against the country's oil industry to the opposition of Guido.