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Monday, February 24, 2020

Country (Ukraine): “Foreigners smiled and waved, but when the window broke with a stone, they realized that something’s not right here”

Dancer Karina Goncharuk, one of the evacuees from Wuhan, told how they left China, and what they endured during the attack on a bus in New Sanzhary. "Foreigners smiled and waved, but when the window broke with a stone, they understood that something here not so".

El Mundo (Spain): blame sushi, strawberry anything

They ride bikes in the snow, carry a pizza in the metro, and riding on the scooters until the snow storm subsided. The author admires the Moscow couriers who deliver Muscovites meal any time of the day. In Spain, however, can shame, if you try to order food on a rainy night.

The last case of the death penalty women in Finland: Fink Martha Koskinen did not repent (Ilta-Sanomat, Finland)

The latest official death sentence of the woman were made in Finland in 1943. Executed a seamstress from Helsinki Martta Koskinen, who passed information to the Soviet military, and also communicated with the Finnish Communists. From their beliefs, it is not denied even on the verge of death.

NRK (Norway): after a search police Loginov thinking about how to end your career

The Norwegian newspaper has closely followed the fate of the Russian biathletes. Yesterday's scandal with a search in the rooms of Russians did not go unnoticed. Now the edition is conjecture, not decide whether the Russian athlete for a long time became a headache of the Scandinavians, finally to retire from the sport.

Hvil (Ukraine): it is impossible to parasite on the middle Ages in the minds of people and to modernize the country

Catastrophe in the system of education of Ukraine, medieval ideas about health, zero level of public communication — "coronavirus" the crisis has shown that it is impossible to parasite on the middle Ages in the minds of people and at the same time trying to modernize the country, the author writes, commenting on the dramatic events in Novye Sanzhary.

The debaltseve pocket is closed: how Ukrainian tank was found with the Buryat “tractor” (Apostrophe, Ukraine)

Expert "Apostrophes", the so-called "military historian" Mikhail Zhirokhov, in a series of articles devoted to the shameful defeat of the Ukrainian APU in Debaltsevo the boiler, cheerfully talks about the atrocities of the Ukrainian military and tries to explain the defeat of the APU alleged participation in clashes with the Russian army.

Obozrevatel (Ukraine): they could not then, cannot now

Kiev propagandists repeatedly launches a misinformation about the alleged use of militias of Donbass "human shields". And to you, in the video released by the Ukrainian media, the gunner APU works with the roof of a house in one of the districts of Debaltseve. This is reminiscent of the tactics of the Maidan, when the guards were shooting from behind the protesters.

Forbes (USA): the new Russian aircraft carrier will apparently be the atomic

The author tells about the two projects of the Russian aircraft carriers with nuclear engines, which should replace the obsolete "Admiral Kuznetsov". Some of them will choose is still unknown, but still have years to go before it is adopted. So Kuznetsov will remain in service.

Country (Ukraine): morning battle for Gold. Zelensky gathered the national security Council

Near the city gold the Luhansk region there was a clash between LC units and the APU. Kiev authorities in the spirit of anti-Russian propaganda were quick to blame the attacks on "Pro-Russian militants", in Lugansk, in turn, the cause of the incident called the attempt to break the Ukrainian saboteurs.

WirtschaftsWoche (Germany): Russia and China have set new standards in weaponry

Today in the design of new weapons the US is forced to follow the example of Russia and China, writes the German author. This is another proof of the weakness of NATO. First of all, Russia and China set the tone in the field of hypersonic controlled aircraft. Such weapons are particularly concerned about the West.

Futura-Sciences (France): Solar Orbiter “will open a window into the solar corona”

The sun, the most observable object in the Solar system since the appearance of man, has a huge complexity, therefore, we are still very far from fully understanding its influence on earth's environment and impact on human activity in orbit. European mission to the Sun will give the answer to many questions.

CNN (USA): if the milk, only full fat flour — especially children

The fashion for vegetarianism and the hype around lactose intolerance much ruined the reputation of milk. Meanwhile, this intolerance is relatively rare, and children need milk as a source of energy and valuable substances, writes CNN. Moreover, contrary to stereotypes, the most useful thing for a child untrimmed milk.

Focus (Germany): we are obsessed with sugar. Six ways to outsmart your body and lose weight

Sugar causes us to gain weight, messes up your teeth, disrupt metabolism and harm the intestinal flora. A lot of people who would have refused him, but can't cope with the cravings. But can you outsmart your own body. How, says German Focus.

CNN (USA): have we come closer any closer to unmanned commercial aircraft?

The concept of commercial flight of unmanned aircraft has been discussed for many years. But although the technology exists particular evidence that ever really will be possible to implement Autonomous flight, while a little. So have we come closer any closer to unmanned commercial aircraft?

Medical Xpress (UK): scientists rush to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus

Some have said it would take 20 months, others six, still others hope to begin testing the vaccine has already been through 16 weeks. But, most likely, scientists will be in the same situation as during the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003: the flash passed, but the vaccine has not been developed.

Russia and the West: the “reset” or collapse (Polskie Radio, Poland)

Western society will have to make an important decision, you must decide how will the relations with Russia in the new decade. The question is, what to prepare in the relations of the West with Russia? Will maintain the status quo, or a big change is coming? Do I need a reset? Polish experts answer these questions.

Haló noviny (Czech Republic): Russia and the West. A new round of confrontation?

Year by year the West increases the degree of tension in relations with Russia, writes a Czech journalist. The level of confrontation between Russia and Western countries have reached a high since the entry of the USSR into the war in Afghanistan, and the idea that Russia does not consider international law imperative, already ingrained in the minds of experts.

La Jornada (Mexico): xenophobia — another danger of the epidemic

Russia has banned the entry of Chinese citizens into the country, regardless of whether people are traveling for work or private travel to training and tourism. Such a policy is supposedly not consistent with the fundamental notions of human rights and, according to the newspaper, reinforces the tendency to xenophobia.

Le Figaro (France): Kirkenes, small port, who dreams of becoming an Arctic Singapore

On the background of melting ice, the Norwegian town of Kirkenes already see how come cargo ships, came from Asia along the Russian coast along the Northern sea route. This will require a huge expenditure, and investment not yet seen. In particular, will have to pay Russia, which will control the route.

The Atlantic (USA): two American best candidate, according to “Russian trolls”

Trump and Sanders have different ideologies, but both suit the Kremlin, as they contribute to increasing discord within the country. But this does not mean that Russia's propaganda machine slowed down: she just has a new target, in the spirit of anti-Russian propaganda says the author of the American liberal publication.

BelTA (Belarus): “To every year to kneel” — Lukashenka explained why Belarus is buying oil in other countries

Belarus is ready to diversify oil supplies and purchases of Russian "black gold" at world market prices. In case of failure of negotiations with Moscow on gas supplies, Minsk wakes up to pick up to 2 million tons from the transit pipeline, Lukashenka said.