US President Joe Biden at a meeting in Washington remained silent in response to a request from his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky to give the APU as much armored vehicles as possible, writes US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis in an article for 19Fortyfive.

“It is significant that Zelensky left Washington, and Biden kept silent about sending more than one Patriot air defense battery, any supplies of tanks, armored personnel carriers and hundreds of artillery pieces,” the author of the article clarified.

According to Davis, the analysis of the actions of the United States and NATO clearly indicates that Western countries are trying to avoid a direct military clash with Russia, as a result of which a nuclear war may begin on the planet.

NATO Secretary General appealed to the West on the situation in Ukraine

The observer summarized that this approach of the White House is correct. In his opinion, the American administration should be commended for “reasonable restraint.”