Shubenkov has praised the USSR and thought of the world afraid of socialism

the world champion in run with barriers Sergey Shubenkov told about the attitude to socialism and the USSR. His words leads “CHempionata”.

“Why criticize the Soviet Union? So many years have passed, and he was like a red rag. In the XX century the whole world was scared and was scared shitless of socialism. It turned out that the society is United not on rights, but on the notion that man is a friend and comrade,” said Shubenkov.

the Athlete felt that the current commercialized system is not working. “We have to be like that you brought the child to the section, and he goes there on a regular basis. Not spent on equipment, travel, and medicine,” he thought.

In February of this year, Shubenkov remembered about the desire to leave Russia. He acknowledged that training abroad would help to avoid problems due to the doping scandal around Russian sports.

Shubenkov — world champion 2015. On account of his silver and two bronze world Championships. At the international competitions of Russia stands in a neutral status because of the removal of the all-Russian athletics Federation.