German citizens’ trust in Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the federal government has almost halved in 2022. This is evidenced by the data published on Tuesday by a survey of the sociological company Forsa (“Forsa”), commissioned by the TV channels Er-te-el and En-te-fau.

The annual survey on trust in German political institutions showed that confidence in the post of federal chancellor has decreased from 57% last year to 33%, 34% of respondents trust the federal government, which is 22 percentage points less than a year earlier. As the En-te-fau TV channel reminds, by the end of 2020, when Angela Merkel was chancellor, the level of confidence in her position was 75%.

A significant decrease in confidence is also noted for the parliament (37%, minus 13 p.p.), the federal president (63%, minus 12 p.p.), mayors (44%, minus 11 p.p.). Political parties and the European Union lost the least – by 7 percentage points, but their support was initially at a low level and now it is 17% and 31%, respectively. No political institution has less support. In general, all the most important political institutions have lost support over the year.

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The survey was conducted on December 15-22. More than 4 thousand people took part in it. Data on the error is not provided.