Candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, perhaps, was foolish when he decided to run. This she said

Tikhanovski, as reported by “Rambler” — the hostess, the wife of Belarusian opposition leader Sergei Tikhanovski. Today she gave an interview In the course of it, the candidate said that in December 2019, when her husband was serving an administrative arrest in the temporary detention facility (IVS), she learned that he intends to run for President.

“On YouTube there is a delayed start. And here comes the video, which he (tikhanovski. — Approx. ed.) says goes to the President,” — said Tikhanovski.

After that, she and her friends have collected initiative group on behalf Tikhanovski filed documents for registration to the Central Commission of Belarus for elections. She did not register it because of the lack of his signature on the documents.

“So I was hurt that he took and made the decision (to register itself. — Approx. ed.). Even no doubt about it! Here, I think that was it then — a feat or folly. Probably still stupid,” admitted Tikhanovski.