The maximum level of the immune stratum to coronavirus infection has been observed among children and Russians over 70 years of age. These groups RIA Novosti named Director of the St. Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur Areg totolyan.

According to him, in most regions, most of the antibodies to the virus were detected in minors, in particular preschool and primary school students. On the second place by number of people with immunity are pensioners aged 70 years.

“We are, when the study was conducted, was prepared for the fact that, on the contrary, among the 70+ we will get the minimum level of the immune stratum, but it was not so,” said totolyan.

He said that older people active in other comply with self-isolation and followed the recommendations of epidemiologists. According to researchers, pensioners could have developed immunity as a result of communication with grandchildren.

Among the professional groups most of the owners of the identified antibodies among physicians and teachers. However, some teachers could get the immune system prior to transfer of educational institutions for distance learning.

The study was conducted in 26 regions of Russia. In each of the subjects examined were approximately three thousand people from seven age groups. The second stage of testing will take place in late August-early September among the same subjects. It is necessary to record the progress of immunization of the population in some regions.

The first national vaccine against the coronavirus has shown good results and will be tentatively registered by August 12, and may become available to citizens from August 15.