President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ahead of elections, we had several meetings with the security forces. As сообщает the authorities are preparing to resist the sabotage.

As he wrote, “the Rambler,” Lukashenko said earlier that the country can make a “Maidan” with the help of foreign private military company. A few days after the authorities announced the arrest of 33 of Russians in sanatoriums near Minsk.

Belarusian media called detainees mercenaries private military company Wagner. According to the Belarusian law enforcement officers, they arrived in the country to destabilize the situation before the presidential election. Against them filed a case about preparation of mass riots. Russian authorities said that the detainees had followed through Belarus to another country.

Later, Lukashenko said that Belarus is against hybrid warfare, and made a “dirty tricks” on either side.

“it is the Americans Or by NATO members or from Ukraine we have someone running out, or our Oriental brothers so much “love” – we don’t even know,” he said.

The President stressed that in Belarus have been detained not only Russians, but also people “with an American passport, married to American women, working in the state Department.”

Appeared in the media rumors that the Minsk pull together about 20 thousand soldiers. They allegedly plan to use to suppress protests on election day, August 9, and later.

The Director of the Minsk Center for strategic and foreign political studies Arseniy sivitsky confirmed that the authorities are preparing for a tough scenario. However, he doubted that all military massing in the capital.

“unlike previous presidential campaigns, the protests of this year will be decentralised and will be held in different cities”, – he stressed.

In his opinion, Lukashenka is not afraid of the protesters, but the violent provocations by sabotage and reconnaissance groups.