Concern about the growing economic downturn and the labor groups in the country expressed once again the Belarusian leader on may 28, during the report of the administrative Department of the President Victor Sheiman.

Alexander Lukashenko demanded to support people including subordinate to the management of the enterprises, taking into account the difficult conditions of the pandemic coronavirus, reports his press-service.

the President asked Sheiman to the current situation in the management of subordinate enterprises, because, of course, that their activities reflected the pandemic with its economic consequences. Lukashenko said that during meetings with heads of national parks, other agencies have made requests to support groups in conditions when there is an economic crisis, the borders were closed, tourist flows paralysed.

As has informed the head of state, his counterpart, only subordinate to the Manager operates is now about more than one hundred companies. In the current environment, demanded the President, “we in any case can not lose people.” Taking into account the specific situation, he added, can and should support people.

the Head of state expects that “for a couple of months, the economy will prosper and people will begin to move. But in these months it is necessary to support employment teams,” he said, noting that’s the way to go everywhere.

while the report addressed a number of other issues relating to the operation of the control.

meanwhile, the health Ministry announced that Belarus on 28 may was 39 858 people who test positive for COVID-19. Recovered and was discharged 16 660 patients, and only made 499 249 tests.

During the whole period of infection in the country died in 219 patients with a number of chronic diseases identified coronavirus infection.