the heir to the British throne Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, consider today the possibility of sending to school their little daughter, five year old Princess Charlotte.

School in Britain from the 20th March has been closed for quarantine in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Now, according to the plan of the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, the pupils of the sixth and the first classes will be allowed to return to school from the 1st of June. This means that the five-year Princess Charlotte will be able to go to school. However, apparently, Kate and Prince William would prefer to leave Charlotte on home schooling. Her older brother, six-year-old Prince George will have to stay home, as it relates to that age group, which is not allowed to return to school.

Popular British tabloid the Daily Express on its website asked readers to Express their opinion about whether the Royal couple to send their five children to study. Most of the 955 respondents suggested that Prince William and his wife should not have to send the kids back to school.

the decision to send the young king’s son at the Desk or not, and contains a large element of policy. If the Royal children will stay at home, it would be contrary to the intention of the government to return the students to school. Especially considering the fact that a number of teachers ‘ unions of Britain, as well as school Directors and parents strongly criticized the plan of opening schools for students of very young age. It was suggested that spouses of Cambridge, it may not be necessary to follow formal recommendations to the government, since Charlotte attends a private school.

it remains to be seen whether the newly opened private schools at the same time as the public school. The decision on this account has not yet been disclosed. Private schools in Britain usually have their own plans on when they will be opened and how. Thus, school little Princess Charlotte may decide to stay closed on quarantine. Experts say that for private schools it is much easier to ensure a distance between pupils due to the fact that children in such classrooms is smaller than in state schools.

meanwhile, Julie Robinson, Executive Director of the independent schools Council, which represents more than 1,300 educational institutions of Britain, said has yet to decide how safe it is to open a school in Britain.