this was announced by the head of the state Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation Vasily Piskarev.

the Commission found that information with a justification of extremist activities had been distributed by representatives of foreign human rights organizations and the media, including the Internet. This was done “for reasons of political, ideological, religious nature,” Piskarev said.

as an example, he cited a recent situation where a number of Western media tried to justify posting photos of Nazi criminals on the site “Immortal regiment”.

recently We have seen a terrible picture, when during the passage of the action “Immortal regiment” began to promote and Nazi war criminals, said Piskarev. – We believe this is unacceptable, so we developed an initiative through which the sites, resources that promote, condone such actions should be blocked.

In this regard, the Commission proposes amendments that would limit the access to information containing justification or excuse of extremist or terrorist activities. The relevant decision will be adopted by the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation or his deputies. In the near future amendments will be submitted to the Duma, announced the head of the Commission.