to Take even Donald trump – let the critics sarcastically notice that his vocabulary and the structure of speech correspond to the level of primary school, this did not prevent him to sell under his own name two dozen books. And there is no doubt that after his departure from the White house list will be added.

This all-embracing fashion covers the American political world and the military, and journalists. The memoirs written even a soldier of the secret special forces, to eliminate “terrorist number one” Osama bin Laden, and just a year after the surgery. And my friend who is a journalist is a foreigner told me that when he requested the US authorities a special visa for professionals with outstanding achievements, he wrote the book has become an essential tool for positive solutions.

All of this is Preface to the fact that the scandalously sensational bestseller recently former national security Advisor John Bolton called “the Room where it happened” (eng. “The Room Where It Happened”), at first glance, does not cause surprise. Memoirs have noted or plan many “retirees” of the current administration, including the predecessor of Bolton – General Herbert McMaster, whose book will be on shelves in September. Even the former head of the White house, Anthony’s Scaramucci whose meteorophobia career in 2017 counted “as many as” 11 days, managed to write a book about it.

But exactly how in recent years American politics, including Bolton, released in the light of your memories, makes you wonder. Whether the memoirs are a welcome addition to the civil service? Or, on the contrary, the oath of the country give only in order to then hit the jackpot on a sensational insider?

Not long ago, for the official was considered unethical to write a book-an expose on the work of the administration, which he left, until, until she resigned. But in recent years surrounding the publication of these books are creating a large hype. They immediately dismantled for quotes that immediately come into play in the political struggle. Where’s the excitement, there is a lot of money. As a result, today about ethics even funny to remember. Officials, leaving the White house, after a few months will debut on the shelves of bookstores, another round of sensations. By the way, according to rumors in the press, only one author’s advance Bolton amounted to about $ 2 million. It turns out, a little more than 100 thousand dollars for each of the 18 months he spent in the White house.

in Addition to the money these memoirs is the way to whitewash himself. Their content usually leads the reader to the idea that all the good decisions for the country were adopted with the direct participation of its author. While all the blunders of the administration occurred due to the fact that the author did not listen, forTer on the second opaque intrigues and so on.

But the hype around the books of Bolton suggests very different thoughts. First, if we talk about the “legacy” of the Bolton, then in the “constructive” for him to record almost nothing. This staunch hawk strongly supported the tendency to trump one-sided and selfish foreign policy decisions that led to the collapse of several key global architecture of security agreements. Suffice it to recall sunk into oblivion, the us-Russian Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) or a deal on Iran’s nuclear program. These decisions were made with the assurance that the team, trump will agree on much more successful trades. But in their creation, nor Bolton, nor anyone else in Washington did not succeed.

secondly, the book hardly opened someone’s eyes to a trump. Bolton himself knew what work was: by the time he got to the White house. Critics trump wrote untold thousands of pages, accusing him of trying to cash in on the presidency, inadequate psyche, total political ignorance, and other sins. However, as noted by the American press, Bolton, in his usual manner meticulously outlined all of the events around him and as soon as he left the administration and began to work on his memoirs. The book is full of interest to the public juicy insides, such as ignorance trump the nuclear status of Britain or the desire to give North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu disk with the song of Elton John “rocket Man”. It is sold with a Bang, the publishers are willing to pay the author a lot of money. Therefore, although the book did not add significant touches to the portrait of the 45th President of the United States, Bolton is not prevented to receive additional dividends from short of the civil service.

third, where memories of Bolton and could be of practical use, because it is during the impeachment of the Trump that congressional Democrats tried to make at the end of last year. Ex-Advisor urged to act as a witness and, assuming it is written in the book, he broadly agreed with the accusation, which was leveled against the President. But he refused to take part in this process. All potentially important revelation Bolton reserved for the pages of his book to expensive to sell it. So do people radeyuschie for the truth or for national security of the United States?

a rhetorical Question, but it seems that this is exactly what happens. One after the other ex-officials tell of the abuses they had seen in the corridors of power, but remain silent until then, until you write a book and not get a check with many zeros.

the Presidency, trump has become a gold mine for criticaldevises his reporters. For example, when in 2018 trump sought approval in the U.S. Supreme court, Brett kavanaugh, around which the storm erupted over allegations of sexual harassment, in “hot pursuit” of the process as five journalists have published books, each with its own insides. More advances have reached one million dollars. And the total expense of all sorts of books about the tramp goes to tens and hundreds.