the Reason is simple, though paradoxical: Hublot always been open to new ideas not only in the time world. She made a principle of the Art of Fusion fashion and your model recognizable and desirable. And the reason for the new hours became her own image.

the Hublot has taken care of an impressive design for advanced electronic “stuffing” – from the idea to the choice of materials. Watch Big Bang e not only inherited all the recognizable “codes” of the most famous models of the brand Big Bang, they are still very convincing in the aesthetic sense. This design, unlike many electronic gadgets, not just the youth, but above all on people who are well-versed in hours and in hours Hublot in particular. And the idea of artistic dials from Mark Ferrero in the style of comics, which follow each other during the day, to impress the audience, experienced in modern art.

the New Hublot Big Bang e interest of those who are close to the spirit of the brand – creative, ironic, working with “combination of incongruous”. “Electronic watch was created in Switzerland using quartz in the 1970-ies. Fifty years later, we continue to go in this direction and present a second smart watch. They attract the attention of the highest level of technological ingenuity combined with aesthetic values, characteristics and skills, which ensured the reputation of the collection Big Bang”, – said the head of Hublot Ricardo Guadalupe.

so, what are these watches? Case diameter of 42 mm is made of black ceramic or titanium in the form of a sandwich construction (it was invented by Hublot for the Big Bang model launched in 2005). The design of the screws and push buttons, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, rubber strap and patented system for easy changing of straps in One Click – all these details correspond to lines of the Big Bang.

When creating this model, the Hublot master has transferred all the experience with the traditional clock, in the digital field, developing new functionality.

As expected from stamps of this level, there are many advanced features that allow the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and operating system Wear OS: the owner can communicate by voice with Google’s Assistant (have a microphone), make calls using the contacts list in your phone (the number will dial Google Assistant), receive messages at the touch of a finger (they will know the vibrate function), to make contactless payments via Google Pay, and more. But most importantly – how it all decorated and presented: to these hours implicitly applies the expression “iconic design”.

unique digital interpretation of this complication, which traditionally supplied a serious mechanical watch. However, all the signs of “vechnik” (i.e. calendar, able to work without adjusting for a century – a hundred years) is available. Topolythelene there is even a realistic image of the moon.

the readings on the dial are as follows: August 7, 2020 10:10:25, 18th lunar day (in the middle of the lunar cycle, therefore, the natural satellite of the Earth is well lit), the stock battery hours is 75%.

the Signs of a smart watch – precision-touch AMOLED screen and a rotating crown (identical to the mechanical version of the Big Bang) with built-in button that is used to control the smart functions.

Each owner can decorate their watches with dials designed by messengers and friends of the brand. The first will be a series of eight dials of the artist Marc Ferrero. They will replace each other during the day. Eight different works will appear within 24 hours, or once every three hours, the dial changes color, and every hour there a five-second animation. The idea of such dials in the style of a comic book designed for those who are experienced not only in hours but also in contemporary art.

in Addition to the analog time display and interpretation of the perpetual calendar model is equipped with a version of the GMT function (world time) with the image of the Earth in a realistic manner. The dial displays two time zones: home and selected by the owner (it is shown on a red background).

in addition, the model has accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, optical tracking for rotating crowns and more. Despite the built-in technology, Hublot ensures the watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. This does not mean that they can dive, but if caught in the rain or accidentally pour water on them, the clock is not threatened.

the Cost of Hublot Big Bang e – from 4900 (in titanium) to 5,500 euros (in the version black ceramic). You can’t call it normal for a smart watch, but it’s not a mass product. At the same time, Hublot Big Bang e cost less than the most affordable mechanical watch brand. For the first time in the practice of Hublot, this model will be sold online on the company website. Then it will be available in boutiques.

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