we All know that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the decision of Natalia Komarova about the participation in the elections for the next Governor’s term – said the Chairman of the Duma of Ugra, Secretary of the regional branch of the party “United Russia” Boris Khokhryakov. – Natalia Vladimirovna has confirmed his desire to represent the party in the election of the district chief. Her candidacy was supported, as we know, the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia”. Thus, significantly, the incumbent Governor of the region proposed to amend the list of candidates and non-parliamentary political parties.

we will Note, Natalia was in his voice gave the regional representatives of such political organizations as “Civic platform”, “For justice!”, “Social protection”, “For the truth”, “Patriots of Russia”, “Russian party of pensioners for social justice”, “Russian ecological party “Green”, “the Russian party of gardeners,” “Party of Growth” and “homeland.”

the Next stage is the approval of candidates by the General Council of the party “United Russia”. Followed by a proposal of the Governor of the Tyumen region on candidates for the position of head of Ugra of the Russian political party “United Russia”. Harmonization should take place before July 14.

For me it is an honor to be part of the team of Ugra, – said Boris Khokhryakov. But, of course, my personal support is only addressed to one candidate from the list – Natalia Komarova.

Recall that in early June, during another meeting with the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova, Vladimir Putin, supporting it, said:

– In General, we know very well the region under your leadership, is developing very successfully. The figures are impressive. Would a low debt burden of the budget. It is also nice that the permanent population grows. This happens through natural growth and through migration flows. Both were very positive factor. And, of course, the income level of the population is 1.5 times higher than the national average. All this gives you reason to seek election in the upcoming elections in September this year. Can only wish you success.

As the head of Ugra during this meeting, the key achievement of the district over the past 10 years can be considered the final formation of the region as a self-sufficient entity of Russia. For this purpose, the Ugra had to go through a socio-economic boom, reflected in the construction of housing, kindergartens, transport infrastructure. Yugra is the main supplier of hydrocarbons and electricity in the country. Managed to stop falling oil production, to keep it at a stable level. As stated by Natalia Komarova, in the next five years in the region of CochranitesI course for change – the core of the election program of the incumbent Governor will be the development strategy for the district until 2050.

In the course of meeting of Presidium of regional political Council of party “United Russia” Natalia Komarova thanked the ruling party for the trust and announced plans for the development of the district.

– First, of course, we do not reject the development of the oil industry. This direction will develop further. For the previous two years, production volumes have stabilized. The plans for the future – innovative solutions in the field of extraction of unconventional oil based on the best industry professionals and new cutting-edge frames, she said.

we will Add that today Yugra maintains the status of the main supplier of hydrocarbons and electricity in the country.

– Ugra everything should be done for human development, – continued Natalia Komarova. – First of all we are talking about the creative industries, relying on the individual capabilities of each. We need to develop personalized medicine, education, localize in the area of modern production. It is important to resettle people from dilapidated housing of the last remaining barns. To create the required number of places in kindergartens, schools, sports, cultural institutions, to support the health system. To provide a standard of municipal infrastructure, improvement of the yards, a public urban space.

the Governor of Ugra stressed that all of this will be the updated strategy for socio-economic development of the district.

– Work, cohesion, citizenship of Ugrian people, consolidation of efforts – that is the Foundation of the success of County – concluded Natalia Komarova.


Recall how the procedure for the election of the Governor of Ugra. Regional branches of the parliamentary parties of the County until July 14, make to the Governor of the Tyumen region not more than three candidates for this post. That, in turn, until August 3 nominates the President of the Russian Federation. The head of state until August 23, is making three appointments to the district Council. Then at the Council meeting on 13 September will be voting on the election of the Governor of Ugra.