Trump wanted to get in touch with Kim Jong UN

The President of the United States Donald trump is not excluded that I will try to make contact with Kim Jong-UN, amid reports about the alleged deteriorating health of North Korean leader.

“Well, maybe… Look, I just hope he’s okay. I’m with Kim Jong-UN a very good relationship. And it is for the benefit of the country (USA – approx. OPINION). It’s good, not bad. And I would like to him everything was fine”, – the TASS response to trump’s question about possible contacts with the head of the DPRK.

He added that he did not know whether reliable information about the deteriorating health of Kim Jong-UN.

He also shrugged off a question about the transfer of power in North Korea. “I don’t want it is to ask. Did not ask him that. I hope he’s well,” trump added.

Earlier, the us broadcaster CNN reported that the US intelligence study on deterioration of health of the state Council Chairman of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. No evidence of a channel failed.

The South Korean authorities have stated that there is no evidence of illness of Kim Jong-UN. Source CNN questioned the Chinese authorities.

The Kremlin said that know about the media reports about the sickness of Kim Jong-UN, but do not know how they correspond to reality.