Why you should not use a Zoom

A popular program for video conferencing Zoom has a number of vulnerabilities that can compromise the confidentiality of the conversations, the Agency said "Prime" partner and Director of "Intellectual reserve" Paul meat-eaters.

"In this regard, even appeared the phenomenon called Zoom bombing: if the user does not set a password for the conference at Zoom, he is in danger of attack. They can chat send some indecent file, or score audio track," explains the meat eaters.

He adds that open access was a lot of sessions, and both personal and corporate.

Among other shortcomings of Zoom expert calls poor video quality and problems with the buffering.

Lately Zoom often criticized for security issues and data storage. In March, the Motherboard company has conducted a study which showed that application shares information with Facebook users, even those who have no account in this social network.

In early April, Google has banned its employees to use the Zoom on the office computers due to the mismatch between the security standards.