the bizarre Path winds along the marshy banks of the Dnieper and lakes. Even here in the SUV to drive only in the saddle. Doctor Natalia Nazarova with her daughter – the constant participant of horseback riding. Usually in the summer they go to such trips with relatives from Moscow. This time those could not come because of the pandemic. The company has made the local riding.

Scientists call a horse alive trainer – tells us Natalia. – About the benefits of riding wrote Hippocrates. Hippotherapy is an effective method of treatment and rehabilitation. After work almost all muscle groups. And such trips promote weight loss. So keep yourself in good shape.

as a great medicine and positive emotions. Children, especially urban, seeing maned beauties squeal with delight. The horse in our days, a true rarity. In Belarus, and not only that the animal is fit to enter into the Red book. The beavers, who until recently were on the verge of extinction in the Belarusian forests and ponds 60-80 thousand, and horses – just over 40 thousand. According to the National statistics Committee, over the past quarter century, their number decreased more than five times.

admire the beautiful natural surroundings, return to base. Before this vast territory of 45 hectares was called simply the island, while the place did not look out, the young man Sergey Antonenko. In horses he was in love with since childhood, was fond of horseback riding. And your “Horse island” began with a plot of 20 acres, where stood the house burned and the selection of horses. The main thing here – not agility and the purebred (after all, were not for the race), and docile nature and love of people. For his first herd Sergei went through 18 animals of different breeds. Says mainly bought at the local stud farm:

First acquired a stallion English horse – he became “dad”. Then there was the Russian Trotter, Russian machines, and various mongrels. Although who are the mongrels? The breed is considered to be the mother. Mares usually local. But the stallions are trying to buy pure blood, to improve offspring. For horse riding the most optimal Belarusian Polesie sled and sled. By the way, their happy to buy in Moscow and St. Petersburg, to roll people. Very hardy, with a calm, peaceful disposition. The descendants of the ancient silverfish, who for the last few centuries is improved by brought “foreigners”. We are gradually on his island began breeding their own “island” of rock. Now we have 14 horses, 90% are local.

Today, the “Horse island” there are 11 tourist routes, their minimum duration of 1.5 hours. However, the island in Hranivka ceased to be purely HP. Here now there are two ponies, a couple of donkeys and even a camel gosh. The camel kataet passengers, and creates the guests ‘ mood and happy to chew the grass. He likes her more than the thorns of the desert. The new islanders – part of the entertainment of the zoo.

For the development of agritourism, said Sergei, Belarus has good opportunities. But without the support can not do:

– the Nature of our great. Creative people a lot. But often, those who set up his own business in the tourist industry, not enough start-up capital and legal literacy. Need various support funds, which come with an interesting idea, which will help with paperwork and raising capital. This system works in many countries and proved its effectiveness. The Belarusian agro-tourism is a huge opportunity. And their sin is not fully realized.

the Average cost of a horse is about 2,500 Belarusian roubles (approximately 72 thousand Russian). Daily horse eats 30 pounds of hay, 3 kg of oats and carrots and 1 kg of bran. In the year accumulates about the same amount as the price of the horse. Hoof trimming, mandatory veterinary inspection, the work of kokotnitsu – 250 rubles. The harness and saddle – plus 2250 rubles. Dressage at “Horse island” independently, without attracting professionals from outside. There’s still the overall cost of electricity and water, tax on land, where there is a stable and grazing in a herd.