Basmanny court of Moscow arrested the alleged serial poisoner, was operating in the capital. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

At the request of the investigation taken into custody until September 12 the accused Vladimir Mamikonyan, said “the” the press-the court Secretary Irina Morozova. The man is charged with assault.

the 54-year-old Mamikonian was detained on the morning of 13 July in the North of Moscow, he seized a bottle of vodka, a bottle of beer, eight tablets of the drug azaleptin (an antipsychotic). The house the detainee was discovered a bottle of vodka with a hole from a syringe on the tube, according to the Telegram-channel “112”.

the police contacted 21-year-old visitor from Baku and announced that on the night of July 11 he was walking on Clean ponds, where a stranger offered him a drink. The young man lost consciousness after drinking and woke up in the hospital without a smartphone and a gold chain. He was diagnosed with acute poisoning.

Police believe that the actions of the injured several people.

in the Summer of last year in Moscow there was a series of similar crimes. According to investigators, 26-year-old native of Kabardino-Balkaria Murat Sabanov treated people on the street of poisoned soda, and then they lost consciousness and the attacker robbed them. It was reported at least 24 casualties, some of them fell into a coma. The incidents occurred in parks around Clean ponds, and Khokhlovskaya square, which received the informal name “the Pit” in the Park “Hill” and bar “Zinziver”. The media called him “master poisoner”.

June 26, 2019 Tagansky court of Moscow has sent Sabanova in jail for two months. On remand Sabans partially agreed with the charges and said he was ready to cooperate with the investigation.