Let’s start with history. That’s already the 21st year of existence to the Federal government, the Agreement on its establishment was signed on 8 December 1999. Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Union state in an unusual way. Previously we did it in the form of concerts and shows on Russian and Belarusian markets, but now have decided to mention serious, collected scientific-practical conference, everyone was invited to Moscow and summing up two decades and talked about the future. We had 500 people – from experts to Ministers. It was a serious dialogue without embellishment – what is happening and what can we expect.

If to speak about results of these 20 years, I would like very briefly, without going into detail, indicate that what has been achieved. First of all, managed to solve some social issues. Perhaps this is an area of cooperation in which we can be proud of. Done a lot – especially to the Russians did not feel foreigners in Belarus and Belarusians in Russia. A number of regulations, laws, agreements have been signed that provide the freedom of movement of citizens of Russia and Belarus on the territory of each other.

in addition to freedom of movement is freedom of choice of residence and place of work. No discrimination of Belarusian citizens in Russia and Russians in Belarus when applying for a job there. The same conditions for all. We have resolved issues on pensions, the transfer of pensions, social insurance, medical accompanied by the life and activity of our citizens.

Separately, you can talk about the education system. Citizens of Russia and Belarus are taken in universities and higher educational institutions of the two countries on a common basis. The only thing there is a difference in type of exam: in Russia, EGE, Belarus Central testing. The social sphere is, I think, the most elaborate, here we have much to be proud of, to report to the public. And at the same time, this is an area about which least know. Because it is like air: we breathe them, but do not notice it, it’s part of the lifestyle. And people generally know when something is wrong.

Enough there is a good cooperation in the field of foreign policy. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia and Belarus cooperate very tightly. We coordinate our actions in all international organizations, sign agreements, which impose on both parties the obligation to coordinate their positions. It also works well. A significant recent development in this area was the signing between our countries the agreement on mutual recognition of visas. It was June 19, when the Russian foreign Minister was in Minsk. I can deliver this agreement in the merit of us, the Permanent Committee of the Union state. Because it was our ini��ativa.

five Years ago we raised the question that in the framework of the Union state to create something similar to the Schengen visa. After all between Russia and Belarus border transparent, but for foreigners it exists, which created a lot of problems. This question was posed and journalists, and businessmen, and tourists. It was assumed that, after receiving a visa to Belarus, you can enter the territory of Russia, and Vice versa.

I will Not say that this topic was received well. There were opponents, especially for some reason on the Belarusian side. However, as a result of systematic work and consultations, we came to an understanding… I think this is a very important event. Now we in the outside world appear as a single formation, which is very important, and also facilitate our interaction with the outside world, and this is a plus for everyone.

we Have a common military doctrine. Now it is updated, I hope, will be adopted. The cooperation of the ministries of defence is a broad front. First, it created regional grouping. This is the only education in the post-Soviet space. This group, which includes all the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Western military district of Russia. The forces that in the event of hostilities, act under a single command. And in order that a single command might work, the strength of this group hold regular command post, field exercises at least once a year. There is a system of training, exchange of personnel – all this is for the rut. Recently, we spoke with representatives of the Armed forces of Russia and Belarus. We asked how satisfied they were with the interaction. And both parties were given the highest rating. There is also a joint Board of defense ministries, which meets twice a year.

in addition, there are military-technical cooperation. Here, too, everything is fine, although from time to time there are issues with the restriction on the supply of certain products. But usually these issues are resolved to mutual satisfaction.

The biggest and most difficult problem is economic cooperation. This is, perhaps, the fact that we have bodies of the Union state, takes the lion’s share of time. This is understandable, because economic actors are many, each has its own economic interests and the desire to get the maximum benefit from the interaction. So from time to time there are conflicts of interest, including those of which you’ve heard, gas prices, oil prices, supply conditions and so on.

what is the problem? Let’s try to understand. When conceived, the Union government on the final stage involved the creation of a common state structure. With its own Constitution, currency, with a single economy��cal, transport, energy and space… With a harmonized or unified tax code unified financial policy and so on. The crowning glory of all of this should be the adoption of a constitutional act – the Treaty on establishing the Union state and the related agreements clearly indicated that the crown of the integration activities. That is, the creation of unified spaces, which I said would lead to this. And this is the most difficult in our business due to various reasons.

last year In Russia was introduced by the tax reform, which affected the energy prices. Especially on the prices of the exporters. Naturally, the Belarusian side raised the question that as a result of the law of Belarus incurs losses. I don’t know how you can consider it a loss, but in any case, the plans of formation of the budget had been broken.

the Russian side said: well, we are ready to think about it, but let’s all decide what kind of plan, what kind of education we are building. And here was established the working group on 31 “road map”, which was supposed to answer this question. The final answer yet. And pricing issues were discussed.

This is perhaps the main problem that arose in our economic relations. And that is probably reflected in political relations.

two More words about scientific-technical cooperation. This isn’t a problem, but a very important part of our cooperation. We have very good contacts between the academies of Sciences in General and among scientists. The Union state has several programs that are funded from the budget and aimed at creating innovative products. That is, we effectively act as an innovation Fund. A total of 57 have been implemented such programs. This area of space, radio electronics, medicine, chemistry, material science and so on. The result of the implementation of most of these programs was the creation of new, often unique products. This is probably also the proud and successful cooperation.

I think any program can have a dual purpose. Now we have a medical program that is done in the interest of the ministries of health, and in the interest of the investigating authorities. It’s called “DNA identification”. The meaning is that even if you take Russia, people living in different regions, even if it’s one nationality, possess certain genetic characteristics, a kind of passport of reference to the terrain. I learned about this when there was a terrorist attack in Domodedovo. From the terrorist there was nothing left but the genetic remnants identified where he came from. And then he disclosed the whole chain. This is with regard to the Investigative Committee.

If you take medicine, there ��other interests. It turns out that different segments of the population, even of the same nationality react differently to different drugs. Some antibiotics can be effective, but somewhere there. Even the methods of treatment and the course of the disease may be different. By the way, now, when there is a pandemic, I asked the staff to contact the research Institute and see if they can make some benefit in understanding the spread of the virus.

Criteria for selection of programs several. One of the main is that we have to obtain an innovative product. And in this sense it is not an investment, and innovative money. It is a prerequisite.