TikTok threatened to file in a U.S. court after the signing of the President of the United States Donald trump of the decree on combating the threat posed by the application.

Earlier, the head of state gave 45 days to stop in the country any transactions with Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the service to view a short video.

Trump believes that using TikTok can spread misinformation, and suspected that the company may transfer information about users to the Chinese authorities.

"We clearly stated that we never gave customer data to the government. We even expressed our willingness to sell our business in the U.S. American companies", — said the representatives of the social network.

The company noted that spent about a year trying to negotiate with the authorities, but they did not want to compromise. In addition, TikTok accused the U.S. government in violation of legal procedures, and interference in private business.

The company stressed that the decree of the President undermines the credibility of the observance in the United States laws, and also questioned the concept of freedom of expression and the open market.