Poland intends to actively defend the interests of Ukraine in the OSCE, said re-elected President of Poland, Andrzej Duda in his inaugural speech.

He said that in 2022 Poland will preside in OSCE, and the main task puts the full restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Duda promised that Poland will make every effort to regain control of Kiev over the entire territory of the country.

“Particular to act for the safety of our country and our continent will appear in 2022, when Poland will assume the chairmanship in the OSCE. This is an important task, which is to restore full sovereignty and territorial integrity of our neighbor – Ukraine”, – quotes Andrzej Duda Ukrainian edition of “Glavred”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, informed the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that in a few years, the people of Russia will feel shame due to the annexation of Crimea in 2014. He also expressed confidence that once Crimea will again be part of Ukraine, and without his return between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, it is impossible unity and normal, sincere, friendly communication.