Ashley Graham

32-year-old Ashley Graham is tired day after day to surprise its users with something new. She recently filmed for the new digital issue of Elle completely Nude and a few hours ago shared on his instagram a new short video which showed how fun passed her quarantine with the family on the farm aunt in Nebraska.

rapidly changing frames Graham showed how her six-month son Isaac frolicking in the paddling pool and as she dances in front of the camera in a red bikini, playing with water from a hose in the yard and goes on a boat trip on the kayak. Got on live and rather intimate moment: the video Ashley shows how getting rid of undesirable hair with a razor.

Simple things— briefly signed video Graham.

Ashley Graham

the Son of Ashley Graham Isaac

By the way, not long ago, Ashley together with her husband, Justin Ervin and his son Isaac left the family farm in Nebraska, to return to his favorite work. Recently Graham has shared footage from backstage of the new photoshoot, and in the post to him admitted that he missed the shots in a familiar format.

in this interview, Graham never tires of repeating how much her life has changed after the birth of her son. In a recent conversation with journalists Ashley talked about her home birth. The star admitted that he did not expect that she would be so hurt, but said that after this experience I felt a real superpower.

I had no idea it would be so painful! However, after experiencing natural childbirth, now I can safely say that for me there is no longer impossible things. There is nothing that I thought, “Oh, no, it’s too hard, I can’t cope”. Of course, because I’m six hours to give birth at home,

— said Graham.

Ashley Graham with son Isaac