In Poland, archaeologists discovered the remains of massive fortifications, the age of about 1000 years. This discovery may lead to the fact that the first capital of this state recognize the city of Poznan.

On the opening, which in Poland has already been called sensational, announced the publication of the First News. According to archaeologists, the discovery of massive fortifications shows that Poznan could be the first capital of Poland. Until now it was believed that such was the nearby town of Gniezno.

However, archaeologists have conducted excavations at the site in Poznan, allotted for construction of an apartment building. They found a powerful defensive walls, built of wood, stone and sand. Their thickness was 40 meters and a height of 12 meters. This is the largest of its kind structures that were found in Poland.

It was a monumental defensive line caused the archaeologists to the assumption that this city was the first capital of Poland. Fortifications dated to X century. They were discovered at a depth of seven metres in the district of ostrów Tumski.

Dating of the wall was to use modern methods of dendrochronological Dating and photogrammetry. Scientists say that the accuracy is very high. The analysis showed that the wall was built between 968 and 1000 years BC.

At that time the city had such strong fortifications. Archaeologists have established that the defensive infrastructure of poznań consisted of three lines. It was a kind of defensive ring surrounding the city and related to each other.

the city of Gniezno, which is located 60 km from the site, such facilities were not found. Scientists believe that so powerful could defend only the capital.

“Until now we believed that Poznan was a settlement of secondary importance, – says the head of the excavation Anton Smolinski. However, owing to the discovery of a massive fortress wall, this statement is now extremely doubtful. This early medieval town was indeed the strategic centre and the capital of Mieszko I in Poland after baptism”.

Note that Mieszko I (935-992 ad) is the first historically accurate Polish Duke of the Piast dynasty. He is considered the founder of the old Polish state. He United the many lands and adopted Christianity as the state religion.