“Until the end of July the FIU will continue to remotely assign particular types of pensions and benefits, to assist citizens in requesting required information, proactive to renew and recalculate previously assigned pensions”, – said in a press release of the Ministry.

formerly, this procedure was approved for the period from 1 April to 30 June due to the complex epidemiological situation. During this time, as noted in the Pension Fund, 70% of the applicants issued a pension through the state Services portal, or by leaving the statement in the personal Cabinet on the website of the FIU. At the same time

data on seniority and wage pretensioners and non-contributory periods are taken into account in the appointment of pensions, and territorial bodies of the Pension Fund prepared independently on the basis of available information.

the Ministry stressed that retirement, for the time remotely by phone, if you can not submit an online application. In this case, members of the FIU receives permission for a pension, reflect this in a special act, then form a application for appointment of pensions and trigger the further processes for its execution. However, experts of the Pension Fund will never ask you for personal information, social security number, credit card number or its PIN-code and password to access the dashboard, I noticed in a press-service PFR. If the phone ask you to provide such information, most likely, the person has to deal with scammers. The pension Fund strongly recommends not to trust questionable calls or letters and in cases of suspected fraud to immediately cease further communication.