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Despite the remarkable progress the South Korean authorities is not yet possible completely to suppress the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Concern began to call the Metropolitan region, where a growing number of infected
The government published the action plan for sustainable development of economy in conditions of the spread of coronavirus. To support the economy will allocate 300 billion rubles
"RG" verified that in the regions lying on the shelves in food stores. And whether there is a deficiency. It turned out that the peak of the panic demand for coronavirus subsides. And trade is taking measures to not happen again
Tatarstan state orchestra managed to play in Moscow on the eve of prohibition of mass events due to coronavirus and to present Wagner operas flying Dutchman. Correspondent "RG" estimated new production
Oleg Znarok will continue as head coach of the hockey club "Spartak", media reported. About the contract extension, the club will announce after we agreed all the details
For the last day in Russia was 54 per case of coronavirus infection, such data results the Federal service. Most cases in Moscow - 33. All new cases are noted in nine Russian regions
Moscow around the clock doing everything possible to ensure that as soon as possible to evacuate compatriots from Morocco and other countries, closed the border due to the outbreak of coronavirus. This was stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
The European championship on football which carried over to next year, will remain the official name of Euro 2020. "We believe that the owners will not change and the championship will remain faithful to the original idea," said UEFA
The Cuban government announced the introduction of restrictions on entry of foreigners as one of the measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. While the ban will be in effect for 30 days starting March 24
The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov - the unyielding rock, if the opponent is deliberately prejudicial to the interests of Russia. Will not give a centimeter of what cannot be shared. On March 21 Minister of foreign Affairs turns 70 years
Historical monument to Marshal Zhukov on Manezhnaya square will return to its rightful place in its original form, stated by the head of Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov. Temporarily set the copy will be removed, he said
The Ministry of education has issued guidelines for the regions on the transition of technical schools and colleges at online learning. "RG" publishes step by step instructions
In Russia tested six drugs against the coronavirus, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. "In the near future we hope that will be confirmed the safety and effectiveness of these developments, and can be used for the prevention and control of epidemic, - he noted
In Moscow replaced the sculptural composition of the monument to Georgy Zhukov, installed at the Historical Museum. Work on removing the figures of Marshall, which appeared in 1995, passed the night on Friday
In 2019, the Internet scammers and hackers have stolen from the residents and businessmen of the Rostov region for almost 500 million rubles. Was nine thousand cybercrimes
Ministry of education has developed and submitted to the regions guidelines on the implementation of educational programs using e-learning. March 23, all Russian schools are switching to vacation mode or distance learning
At the moment in Ukraine was only 26 cases COVID-19, but confirmed three fatal cases. This statistic indicates the absence of the real picture of the disease in this country
Reports on the introduction of the US sanctions against Russia to stabilize the oil market belong to the category of spring exacerbation of those suffering from Russophobia, said Dmitry Peskov. He stressed that no price wars of the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia no
March 31 start of the broadcast performances of the Moscow international House of music. Orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi" will present a program of works by Tchaikovsky, Gershwin, Piazzolla, Nino Rota and other composers
From March 21 across the country, students will stay home on unscheduled holidays, or distance learning. A few of these weeks are a great opportunity for busy adults to spend time with children and teach them something useful. "RG" has prepared a selection of useful online services
March 20 will be performed three flights of airline "Aeroflot" and "Victory" with the Russian tourists from Montenegro. As have informed in Embassy of the Russian Federation, the flights scheduled from the airport of Podgorica
The FSB revealed in the Crimea, the Rostov oblast and Komi underground cell of the banned organization in the Russian Federation "IG". Under the guise of charity channel collected money for terrorist financing
The prices of basic grades of oil since early morning trading on the London stock exchange rose. The cost of "black gold" of Brent crude rose to 28.8 dollars per barrel, WTI -up to 27.3 per dollar for the same amount
In Russia began testing the vaccine against COVID-19. This information is published on the website of Rospotrebnadzor. Scientific center of the Ministry had developed a prototype vaccine based on six different technology platforms
The Russian currency strengthened in early deals on Friday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar at the low fell to 78.1 ruble, the Euro became cheaper to 83,86 of the ruble. The ruble strengthened on positive external background - the growth of the Asian indices, the prices of metals and oil
In Vladivostok have earned a few points where the inhabitants of the region are free to get tested for the coronavirus. Correspondent "RG" went to one of the clinics personally to know how easy or difficult it is to do and what is this procedure
The number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide increased by 209 thousand people, reported in the world health organization. According to her, the number of deaths is 8.7 thousand
Coronavirus infection in second cases in Novosibirsk found after repeated tests. Clinical manifestations of the disease she never showed up. However, without symptoms, as a rule, the tests do not take
Fluent in Russian citizens of Belarus and Ukraine will be exempted from passing the test on knowledge of the language. Changing the term of making decisions on the applications of foreigners applying for Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. Both amendments to the law "On citizenship of the Russian Federation" publishes "RG"
The Russians were almost 40% less likely to contact goszeminspektsii. In 2019, the Supervisory authority received on 200 thousand less complaints than the previous year. The peak cases were recorded in 2016, when did the 2.4 million complaints
Synchronized swimmers Svetlana Romashina and Svetlana Kolesnichenko was recognized by the International swimming Federation's best athletes 2019. In an interview with "RG" they said that you need to get into the Russian national team
Today, the Bank of Russia may interrupt the cycle to reduce the key rate, leaving it unchanged or increasing. Any decision of the regulator in the current turbulent conditions will respond to ruble exchange rate more than usual
In a situation of pandemic, the search for new formats of concert life, and the "charge" has quickly changed. In the first "day of silence" in there, held a concert named as "the seasons" with the participation of pianist Ivan Rudin and actress Daria Moroz
The organizers of the "Roland Garros" announced the postponement of the tournament for the period from 20 September to 4 October. Players, coaches and sports officials criticized the decision. Why - read in the material "RG"
Volga research medical University celebrates centenary. This University has produced outstanding physicians Blokhin, Queen, Trapeznikova. On the brightest pages in the history of the University - in the article "WG"
As part of the prevention of the spread of coronavirus Yekaterinburg metro began to process more thoroughly than before. In the course are gantry washers, knapsack sprayers, high pressure machines
European football clubs to assess the financial losses due to the situation with coronavirus. It is estimated that, if you can not play this season, losses to teams from the top five leagues on the continent will be about four billion euros
The President of the Russian Federation approved a list of instructions on implementing the concept of state migration policy of Russia for the years 2019-2025. Experts commented, "RG" provisions of the document
The interior Ministry has implemented new examination: it is now possible to highlight and preserve the unique scent left by man on the scene. Thanks to this technique have been actively disclosed to the crimes, where, it seemed, all the ends have already been lost
The Russians, especially older people, recommended to seek the services remotely. If necessary, visit the office of the FIU advised to enroll through the service appointment not to long wait in queue
Online-festival "the Double DV@" will be held from 2 to 16 April. Two weeks are free 9 games Russian films, 10 short films and feature films and 4 of the performance of leading musical theaters in the country
The presence of chronic diseases in the 6-7% increased risk of a more severe course and adverse outcomes COVID-19. The highest mortality is noted in patients suffering from coronary heart disease, cardiologists warn
Quarantine in Italy has forced many journalists to move from the crowded newsrooms in apartments, where they are able to transfer online latest news. The style of work one way or another have changed all categories media
The inhabitant of the Amur region will appear before court for spreading false information about the coronavirus. The woman spread false information that two foreign builders local plant allegedly found threat infection
Coronavirus stumped not only physicians and scientists working on a vaccine against new infections, but also teachers, who immediately wrote it down in the exceptions to rules of Russian language
Odyssey of the ill-fated British liner MS Braemar was completed: 681 passenger ship, among which five were confirmed coronavirus, flew back to the UK from the Havana airport. Earlier, residents of Cuba fully supported the risky decision of the authorities on assistance to foreign tourists
The Federal tourism Agency began to collect data about Russian tourists abroad. To do this, the Agency launched a feedback form on your website. Information will only be used in case of an emergency
The streets of London, like the shelves of British supermarkets were empty. The capital of the United Kingdom discusses the decision to close the doors because of the high mortality rate from coronavirus. On how life has changed for the British people because of the pandemic in the material of the correspondent "RG"
Deficiency of antiseptics in pharmacies in the coming days will decline. On the shelves products from this category will be sold in the same quantities from next week, said Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov
To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you need to know about the principles of quarantine in the home, reported in Rospotrebnadzor. The Department explained to the Russians rule two-week stay in quarantine