Never thought I’d have to almost beat on the door of the temple of Christ the Savior. Closed, it was so heavy that no means of protection on the inner side won’t budge. “On journalism list?” – clarify who opened the door. Quickly view things, and a gorgeous, unbroken silence of the Cathedral rising above you the dome has not yet extinguished the day.

the Main congregation evening service – journalists, mostly TV crews, two Orthodox channel “Spas” and “Union” are broadcast from the service. We all stand in the usual press fence, but half meter distance from each other to keep at it. Almost all rubber gloves, especially the operators who have to carry instruments and move the camera, and, of course, masks. Women – two of the 15 peers, but also high up on the balcony flashing the handkerchief, belonging to the Regent of the gorgeous ladies of the chorus

Shops do not sell the dream to bribe the communion bread and candles today is not to be fulfilled. But this is not so important compared to a great and an unexpected joy to be alive, and even Patriarchia service.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / RIA Novosti Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church: In the temples is service, and the congregation is praying at home

These days will go down in history as a sad and dramatic – the Church has not abandoned the service of God, but the Patriarch and the priests had blessed his flock not to come in order not to expose her to the dangers of possible contamination.

In the temple of Christ the Savior always excellent service prayer reading, reading aloud and singing to create a nearly flawless sonic performance of the service. Familiar words of prayer “thou art the God who miracles,” “Now otpuschaeshi thy servant, Lord” are especially strong not only because of the beauty of their execution but also because you missed them.

this weekend and through the week I watched and listened Church services on the Internet. But despite the broadcast of the favorite temples – the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg and Kazan Cathedral of the Pskovo-Pechersky monastery is still there albeit not final, but the separation from real participation in the service of a literal presence in it. Standing before God.

Since clerics more than the flock, time to look at the faces and add to the mood of the service from their severity, strength, composure. But everything changes when in the middle of the temple goes Patriarch.

All real and imaginable husks random thoughts and inspirations excessive flaking when I see unchanged, not in the least inferior to anything around sadness is the Patriarchal face. Not sadness, not decay, not podmetali trouble, no, but the sorrow lasts, do not stop the sadness and concentration in prayer.

A familiar face Metropolitan verey Ambrose seems dramatic.

Photo: Egor of Provornikov Contact with sick priests tested for coronavirus

And that’s all – and the sorrow of the Patriarch, and the dramatic sight of Bishop Ambrose rests on nearly natural inner courage. Why not read in those eyes is fear and the nervous bustle.

Listening to the gospel is strong, low, smooth voice of a Patriarch (I love when he reads the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete with a strong tone of repentance) – and understand that I will never forget this service in an empty house, and the expressions on the faces of the clergy.

the Main part of the journalists out shortly after the reading of the gospel, remain the only two Orthodox TV channels and “individual competitors” Patriarch of photographers, cameramen, sound engineers. But it is easy to press the fence bows under knowledgeManitou the prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian “o Lord and master of my life”. Between bows old friends give each other an almost imperceptible nod and a quiet smile eyes. Behind the priest reads a prayer as you read it in the Church – not intoniruet, not stressing, not pedaling, no pushing, and it sounds smooth and strong, as it should sound.

I Hope that the faithful readers of “RG”, reading this material, will be tempted by the thought of going to the temple, come what may. Not impulse and whim, but my job gave me the opportunity to participate in a memorable service of the Patriarch in an almost empty Church.