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The Agency noticed that the listing may be grounds for the priority of financial support
The prohibition to charge a fee will also apply to fines and penalties charged for late payment of the utilities bills
Re the decision on adjusting the timing of the exam may be taken after the may holidays, said acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. He also stressed that the examination will not be corrected even with the repeated postponement of
Saint-Petersburg artist Alexey Shabalin made a portrait of TV presenter Ivan Urgant made from buckwheat
Klimov has noticed that Google removes the video, which the Russian doctors-virologists tell about the situation with COVID-19
In the international discussion club "Valdai" discussed the role and the place that took the events of 1939-1945 in the political, social and cultural life of Russia and many countries from Europe to Asia
A special project dedicated to raising the level of computer literacy
The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Dairy king Alexander Chichkin - first-Guild merchant and the entrepreneur was fond of saying: "the Poets of poets, but a barrel of oil, and cheese, and a bottle of delicious milk can equally praise their homeland, to serve the common good and the flourishing of his native land..."
Also, the government abolished the margins on these products
The state Duma adopted the law on amendments to the list of days of military glory and memorable dates. Instead, on 2 September 1945 after the Second world war is declared on 3 September. This very day the USSR celebrated as a victory Day over Japan
The citizens of Russia prefer to go for a walk, visit the gym and hairdresser
"I was barely 30 when my city came the war. Only then I began to realize how truly hard it was there, on the front, in the rear," - writes in his essay "the Autograph of the Victory. About war and peace on the lessons of Russian language" at the international Pushkin contest "RG" of Russian language from Donetsk Jan Efremenko
Russian fixed line operators expect that the tariffs for services increased this year by more than 10%
Experts believe that after the pandemic coronavirus people will become more appreciative relatives
From 15 April for a trip to Moscow and the Moscow region must have a digital pass. He needed and the man who travels by private car, and to those who use public transport. The answers to the main questions of readers of "RG" in our material
The survey conducted among representatives of the domestic companies
The majority of Russian citizens believe that the most important characteristic of an ideal employer is a decent salary
A day in Russia revealed 2774 cases of coronavirus infection in 51 regions. These data are reported by the operational headquarters for monitoring and control over the situation with coronavirus
Exactly 50 years ago in the mission control center United States received a report from astronaut John Swagart: "Houston, we have a problem". Thus began the mission to rescue the disaster of the ship "Apollo-13"
Marketing has become popular because of the shortage of sanitary goods
This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova
The pandemic is in the early stages of the Russian school has moved to distance learning. About how students and parents perceived the training on "udalenke" and what will happen to schools in the future, "RG" told the Deputy Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Lyubov Dukhanina
Children under 14 who are on the street without an adult, may be detained by the police
Younger students training on the Internet is given a difficult to a computer until they own bad. Therefore, in Nenets Autonomous Okrug decided to transplant them from laptops to TVs. TV tutorials are practicing in other regions
According to experts, the poet was always distinguished cleanliness
The aim of the campaign is to help the elderly, large families, and all those who need support during a regime of self-isolation
Scientist-immunologist Valery Chereshnev in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" suggested, when Russia will end the epidemic COVID-19. And told how to support the immune system during a pandemic
How to maintain favorable family relationships in the period mode the isolation? How to build a dialogue with your loved one? And is there any formula for harmonious relationships? About it "RG" tells an existential psychologist Vita Kholmogorova
In the last days in Moscow noticed some decline in new COVID severe cases-19. This is due to improvement of test-systems, said Sergei Sobyanin. Diagnoses are faster, and the serious consequences it comes less often
It is reported by the Operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in the capital
He recalled that even mild forms of infection by the coronavirus can lead to serious consequences
The main thing in distance learning is to keep class schedules, to establish a comfortable relationship between the teacher and the student, says the rector of Ranepa Maxim Nazarov. About the experience of University udalenka and what subjects should not be taught only remotely, he said "RG"
The changes affected more than 15 departures
About 95% of Russian schools have switched to distance learning, reported in the Ministry of education. This is a General figure, but in reality each school has its own situation and the problems that arose with the transition to udalenku. Survive school the stress test, understood the correspondent "RG"
Most labor market will need specialists in the field of IT
About 95% of Russian schools have switched to distance learning, reported in the Ministry of education. This is a General figure, but in reality each school has its own situation and the problems that arose with the transition to udalenku. Survive school the stress test, understood the correspondent "RG"
A Moscow resident born in 1974 came to the airport in his car in search of abandoned suitcase
The Russian company has developed a drug for the treatment of novel coronavirus infection, said the head of Ministry of health Michael Murashko at the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation. 10-12 days is scheduled to begin its clinical trials, he said
Officials hope the short duration of the growing number of cases of coronavirus in Russia
In Moscow COVID centers heavy patients began to pour plasma from donors to cope with the coronavirus. According to doctors, is now such a plasma is the only source of antibodies in the absence of effective drugs against COVID-19
In just the next few days is planned to transport home about 5 thousand Russians
In connection with this information being tested, the request is sent to the police
Regions of Russia for a few weeks behind the capital and the Moscow region by the number of cases COVID-19
In Russia developed the first test-system for diagnostics of the causative agent, a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 animals. It was created on the basis of the Federal centre for animal health fgbi ARRIAH
This decision was taken by the immigration authorities of the Republic of

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