Citizens will return to car-share at the first opportunity

Despite the predictions of futurists and urbanists, a sharp outflow of population from large cities to rural areas, as the refusal of sharing patterns of consumption, economists do not expect. Global no prerequisites for this. For a long time to change the rhythm, from the ends leaving the city to the countryside, the people are not ready, says the Dean of the philosophical-sociological Department of the Institute of social Sciences (ION) of Ranepa Viktor Vakhshtein. “Sharing economy is not the most vulnerable segment. People still continue to use taxis, car-share, rental housing,” – said Vakhshtein. Just less because of the restrictions.

Photo: Alex Maligawa/ RIA Novosti Change is the transportation system of the country in pandemic

the Situation will gradually start to recover once the pandemic coronavirus will decline. However, for some time people will save on everything, including sharing deals, says senior expert of the Institute for economic policy. Gaidar, Sergei Zhavoronkov. The opportunity to purchase a private car is not for everyone. For most of those who went to the time limits for the city, according to a senior researcher of the Centre for transport Economics, HSE Catherine Reshetova, is not such a problem. People went on private cars. Among the trends – the possession of property and use of the shares.

Despite the ability to work remotely, many professionals do not rush EN masse to escape from big cities. Although it is possible, especially now when many are translated into remote work. “Residents of big cities are really trying to change the environment more comfortable. But this is not a new trend, it appeared long before the beginning of the pandemic. And is associated with the fact that people are tired of the intense Rthe ITMA traffic congestion,” notes the economist, a leading expert of Institute of modern development Nikita Maslennikov.

Photo: iStock the Owners of apartments refuse to rent

the Demand for share forms of consumption on the favorable forecasts may recover by December, says the head of the Laboratory of structural research, Institute of applied economic research (IPEA), Ranepa Alexey Vedev. About six months would be required for the rise in domestic demand and incomes. Citizens will return to using the services to which grown accustomed. In addition, many of them allow you to save time and money. “When the stress of the situation with coronavirus will fall, will begin the search for new forms and ideas in conditions of limited Finance,” – said Vedev.