Cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev: Isolation will learn to understand each other

a Native of Yekaterinburg Sergey Prokopiev in 2018 was conducted on the International space station all summer, autumn and three weeks of winter – 196 days, 17 hours, 49 minutes.

Now with his wife and ten year old son he isolated themselves in their apartment in Balashikha: parses the photos, planning to repair the balcony and revision in the cabinets. Sergei told “RG” on how not to fall into melancholy in the conditions of the quarantine and to maintain good relations with people you see 24 hours a day.

currently many people are away from home. How to survive a long separation from loved ones?

Sergey Prokopiev: Telecom allow much: even the astronauts have now the opportunity almost every day to communicate with relatives via cell phone from the station.

Photo: Gettyimages How long withdrawal will change the citizens ‘ attitude to life.

I Think people who are in conditions of self-isolation enough to install Skype, Zoom, or the same WhatsApp and talk on video. At least once a day to call the children, parents, friends. It’s very simple, besides a reason to learn new technologies who have not yet mastered.

And how to be with a desire to hug the man, kiss?

Sergey Prokopiev: you Need to get through this time. Imagination!

Now the situation is such that the less we are directly in contact with relatives, the less put their lives at risk. Especially, the older generation, because they are more exposed. I am sure that it will be over soon, but safety and life is much more than a momentary impulse to hug their relatives.

a lot of hard to come to terms with the inability to go shopping, to go to the barbecue, to sit in a restaurant…

Sergey Procopiein: In this plan, of course, is to string up. Need to force myself to depart from the usual lifestyle, to find a replacement for this class.

it is Possible to arrange a recreation area on the balcony if it is Sunny, you can sunbathe! And need something to distract yourself from sad thoughts. I, for example, sorting the photos that are left after the flight, make video presentations, collages – then the meetings will be to show them.

Photo: iStock the who recommends the retention of motor activity during the quarantine,

you Can be creative, read something hands did not reach, watch movies, not enough time. Got so much to do that I need to do a repair on the balcony, the parsing of old things.

China during the quarantine, the increased number of divorces, the people of Russia also noted that it is difficult to be in isolation with your family all day long. How not to hate those who are trapped in the apartment?

Sergey Prokopiev: of Course, isolation is a challenge in relations between people. If absolutely everything is bad, you should probably talk to a psychologist that will help to defuse the situation.

in General, it is necessary to find a joint deal, which will unite. Draw a picture, write a story, table games has not been canceled – especially if you have children. It will only unite the family.

Astronauts living on the station for six months, but due to the large amount of work can be two or three days not to see a colleague: the station is large enough, 800 cubic meters of living space. He, for example, engaged in foreign module, and you’re on the Russian segment of the work. However, we always found an opportunity for joint leisure: watching movies, and chose in turn. Today, a colleague from the USA offers an American action movie, and the next week I choose – Russian film, for example, “Moscow does not believe in tears”. And so we found common ground: know what people are breathing. I would advise this method to everyone.

Think now is the time when people need to learn to compromise, to negotiate, to forgive, to accept. Agree?

Photo: AP Photo/Frank Augstein the British came up with an unusual way of dealing with boredom quarantined

Sergey Prokopiev: Absolutely. This is one of the main psychological qualities of astronauts – to be sociable and to react calmly to other people’s shortcomings. Needs to be tolerance to each other.

it is Impossible to sharply react, or, conversely, closed. You need to be able to forgive each other certain things, to enter into a situation, smooth out the corners. To reside for six months in a confined space, I need inner reserves.

But if I have no strength to endure!

Sergey Prokopiev: If it’s difficult to restrain anger, is to somehow distance themselves, at least temporarily, closed somewhere.

the Emotions to move is not worth the consequences could be disastrous, you need to keep yourself in hands. It is possible, believe me!

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