Why volunteers do not buy the products of their wards

Twenty-year-old student and construction University Igor Bednov, standing in the supermarket, studying the piece of paper with a list of products, pulls out cell phone and dials a number.

Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, a yogurt fat? And white no nuts, just walnuts, – says Igor. He’s wearing a mask, at the hands of medical gloves. After receiving the answer, adjusts his mask and starts to pick up the simple kit in the basket: milk, dill, green onions… Where’s the rye “brick” Truso bakery?

– Found! – cheers Igor, pulling from the depths of the shelves are the right sort.

– Often, the requests are specific? – interested in.

Photo: AFP/Agustin ECILDA the Doctor spoke about the impact of quarantine on the health of older people

– all the time! Older people get used to certain products, often to those sold in the markets. For example, this grandfather wanted us to see the “Big Isady” went and found the Tajik white nuts, even the sample given. But the markets products are not treated as necessary. Why should we buy it the people, on the contrary, want to protect? And checks at the market are not given, so we only go to the stores.

volunteering Igor sixth year, and the squad help people group “60+” was recorded one of the first.

– There are several categories of older people: good and those that are satisfied first, and then suddenly there is a lot of claims. They call and complain. But what started as a coronavirus, I have never met. On the contrary, one grandmother persuaded to go to tea, others are trying to leave us the change. But we cannot cross the threshold of the apartment and the money’s not taken.

In the unit with Igor in his first year at the technical University Alexey chicken Coops, also the future Builder. He lives in the village of Three Protoka every morning to 9.30 rides in the volunteer headquarters in the center of the city. WithYuda from all over receives requests from older residents of Astrakhan who need to buy food and medicine. The operator will notify the pensioner of the name of the volunteer. A volunteer is at. Makes documents and executes requests.

Photo: Archive of Elizabeth Rothenberg More than four thousand citizens of St. Petersburg turned to the volunteers #Myvote

– We do everything to people over 60 used to stay at home: buy products, drugs, often ask to take the garbage out, – says Alexey. In day time four or five addresses to bypass. First, the pedometer was put on the phone, but it started to slow down, and the battery is dying.

On the way out of the store we go to three pharmacies in search of drugs. Finally, good luck, necessary ointment available. Back in the apartment. The steep wooden steps of the outhouse rise to the second floor. Us opens the door to the owner in a medical mask.

Hello, here are your products, receipts and delivery of 360 rubles, sign, – stretch out the guys package and form. Welcome retired cardio gives the students “fifty dollars”.

– you can’t! – protesting the volunteers.

the Guys go, they have another address and then home to listen to lectures in YouTube. School has not been canceled, just now it’s remote and volunteering easier to combine.

Photo: Tatiana Kravchenko Novosibirsk Governor praised the work of volunteers

Now volunteers for more than 500 people, students, activists of the popular front, the regional organization “future Generation”, the “Volunteer doctors”, the regional Agency for youth Affairs. Zapanywaysa in the squad and adults, lawyers, teachers, and educators.

– Calling: “we Have transport, can I help you?” We have a General chat, we all add them and send the link to register, – told “RG” the coordinator of one of the units, fifth-year medical University Shamil Ilyasov. – Today, for example, the group traveled to clinics, pick up prescriptions and buy drugs, only about 150 addresses traveled. We are now all requests to serve time, no one without the help remains. So grandparents can easily stay home until the epidemic.

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