200 years ago, Zhukovsky gave the palm of superiority poetic Pushkin

Zhukovsky lived in the Anichkov Palace, state-owned apartment, given to him as the teacher of the Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna.

the Evening of March 26 reads Pushkin Zhukovsky sixth, the last part of the poem, after which Vasily Pushkin gives a fresh impression of his lithographic portrait by the German artist Otto Hermann Esterreich (made in Russia Ermolai Ivanovich).

the inscription on the portrait is so textbook that she knows every student. However, I only know the first line of the inscription “to the Winner-the pupil from the vanquished teacher…” (and it seems the old man coming down in the coffin. And Zhukovsky were a total of 37 years).

What famous helmet from the cover of the first edition of “Ruslan and Lyudmila”

the Further text I remember a few: “…the vysokoorganizovannym day in which he ended his poem Ruslan and Lyudmila 1820 Mar 26 good Friday”.

Commas at Zhukovsky there, and we will not put. Once the scholar Valentin nepomnyashchiy wrote about “Mozart and Salieri”: “Pushkin’s last words do matter an awful lot…”

Portrait of Vasily Zhukovsky, presented to A. S. Pushkin with the inscription: “to the Winner-the pupil from the vanquished teacher.”

In a friendly inscription Zhukovsky last words mean too terribly much. “March 26 good Friday”.

On the Matins of great Friday reading passages from the gospel about the farewell discourse of Jesus with his disciples at the last supper: “a new Commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another…” Then believers hear about the betrayal of Judas: “Then Judas stands out predate the Lord…” And in the evening on Friday, served a rite of the burial, around the temple carried the shroud, remembering the burial of the crucified Jesus. Mournful, most mournful day for the Christian good Friday. But vysokoorganizovannym – close after the Resurrection of Christ. The whole world celebrates the peace. People walk slowly, talking among themselves quietly and try not to slam doors.

Why Griboyedov, Pushkin and Zhukovsky were printed in French Aug Seeds

That 20-year-old Pushkin, Zhukovsky read my poem that night, not in the way portrayed in the famous paintings, where curly had in his left hand holds a manuscript, and the right waves, like Mayakovsky.

no need to raise your voice. Hushed in the Palace, in a half-empty living room, the acoustics were great, and they were together.

Twilight. Candlestick for three candles, Yes lampada before the icons – that’s all lighting.

the First edition of the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila” (figure I. Ivanov).

the Sixth Chapter of “Ruslan and Lyudmila” written in the night of good Friday, has a lot of mysterious harmonies with gospel readings of Holy week. These harmonies are not straight and not a quotation, but more surprising was the Zhukovsky find them in the poem of his disciple, had already acquired the dubious reputation of being a cynic, of a man and apea (atheist).

Here from the sleep of death awakens Ruslan and flies on a horse as George:

Shining in armor, as in fire,

Miraculous warrior on a horse.

Storm sweeps, stabs, cuts,

In the roaring horn, flying, blows.

It was Ruslan. As God’s thunder.

Our knight fell to the infidels.

And here is a picture of the night after the battle:

…Only occasionally on the battlefield.

was heard the mournful moan of the fallen

And Russian knights of prayer.

And finally, for the morning:

…was Anneli hills and forests,

And woke up in heaven…

it may Be listening to these lines, Zhukovsky felt raised his eyes from the lad, a youth, Pushkin does not need lessons and guidance. Woke up heaven. Cricket took wings. It will take a little time, and Alexander himself overcome its cynicism, and its atheism, and all that it will tempt people and natural temperament.

now Pushkin it is only necessary to love, protect and cherish.

Vision Zhukovsky today we obvious. But it was still and courage. We can say, of civil courage.

Photo: wikimedia.org What and for whom did Zhukovskiy

For the authorities, Pushkin was a dangerous troublemaker. Current concepts extremists. His friends entirely to the opposition, future Decembrists. Alexander I complained that Pushkin has flooded Russia with his outrageous verses. The Governor-General of St. Petersburg almost every day, receives denunciations Pushkin: …challenged to a duel… fought with foreigners in a country restaurant… let go cheeky jokes… ill recited poetry to a Young poet threatened with exile to Solovki.

Zhukovsky knows it all, but don’t sermonize to Pushkin. Bless. Gives a portrait. Hugs like a son.

And Cricket flies happy. Many years later, Pushkin wrote: “the Misfortune is a good school: maybe. But happiness is the best University”.

Yuri Ivanov. V. A. Zhukovsky, A. S. Pushkin, P. A. Vyazemsky. 1984.LITERALLY”I’m Sorry, devil, be an angel…”

From the letters of V. A. Zhukovsky and A. S. Pushkin

June 1, 1824, from St. Petersburg to Mikhailovskoye

You assure me, Cricket is my heart, that you to me wrote and wrote and wrote – but I have not received not received not received your PiceaM. so, God is the judge, the one who enjoyed them.

“And Tyutchev says: “Go Zhukovsky will kill you!” He published a book of historical anecdotes

…the Wings of the soul! The height she’s not afraid, there is a real element! Give freedom to these wings, and the sky. Here is my belief. When I think of what I can cook up a future for themselves, the heart will be warm with hope for you. I’m sorry, devil, be an angel.

November 12, 1824, from St. Petersburg to Mikhailovskoye

You have no talent, and genius. You’re rich, you have an integral means to be higher than undeserved misfortune and turn into the good well-deserved; you, more than anyone, can and must have moral dignity. You were born to be a great poet; be worthy of… the Circumstances of life, happy or unhappy, – husks. You say that I will preach from the tranquil shores of the drowning. No! I’m standing on an empty shore, see the waves of the strong man and know that he will not drown if you use your power and show him only the best beach, he would swim if he wants. Swim, strong man. And I embrace you.

With a portrait of Zhukovsky, he did not leave until the very end. In the bitter minutes, raised his eyes and saw the reassuring sight of his “the vanquished teacher.”

and today, the Portrait hangs over the Desk of the poet in his apartment Museum on the Moika.