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The return of oil prices to prices above $ 100 per barrel should be expected. This was stated by Vice-President "LUKOIL" Leonid Fedun. He also called level, which is likely to fall the cost of "black gold"
On the portal "Culture.RF" is represented by more than 2.4 thousand feature films and documentaries, 1,6 thousand concerts, 1.3 thousand lectures about 1,000 performances, 700 e-books and 300 virtual tours of Russian museums. Free access to these materials is open to all
The combination of remote and office mode need to legislate. Told "RG" the Senator Valery Ryazansky. "The last call associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, showed us that such a regime should be," he said
March 19, the main "die hard" Hollywood, Bruce Willis, turns 65. For the anniversary of the famous actor "RG" gathered five of the most memorable roles: from the "star" to the most unusual
The ruble after a slight strengthening at the start of trading continued to decline against the dollar and the Euro, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar rose to nearly 82 rubles, and the Euro slumped to 90 rubles
In an interview with "RG" Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about how the ROC would react to the situation with the spread of mers and what precautions should be taken to the believers and Ministers of the Church
Roskoshestvo investigated tomato juice 39 brands for the price of 29,90 up to 220 rubles per liter. 14 of them received the highest scores. But in the juice of eight brands found traces of pesticides
For 11 days of self-isolation of the correspondent "RG" after Italy, her apartment turned into a real call center. The most frequent question readers: "Where can I find the official complete list of the dangerous coronavirus in the country?"
Film festival "Won together" will take place in Sevastopol for the 16th time. This year it is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Director Vladimir Menshov told the "Union", what will his participation in the festival
On Friday, the Central Bank may announce emergency measures to stabilize the foreign exchange market. But, according to the expert "RG", to the return of the ruble to levels of the beginning of 2020, it will not. Also given the forecast for the next month
"Eurovision" this year will not take place. This message was waiting for a long time, but the European broadcasting Union decided to cancel the contest just now. But many questions still relevant
In man there are seven types of coronaviruses, which are the causative agents of acute respiratory diseases. But these types are not dangerous to Pets. And Vice versa - the animals can infect a person with their infections
Musicians Little Big spoke after the cancellation of "Eurovision-2020". They called this move on the part of organizers of "the only correct decision in this situation" and thanked everyone who watched the clip and listened to the song UNO
Antiship missile complex "Ball" for the first time will pass in the Victory Parade. All will be involved six cars. "Ball" is primarily intended to protect the coast from intruders
Russian fitness clubs are losing visitors and suffer losses due to the coronavirus. Attendance has fallen by 50-70%, and by the end of the year, the industry may lose almost half of the participants, experts predict
We live today inside a fantastic horror film: what is happening seems unreal. But, oddly enough, with the flow of the news-horror stories there is a feeling that is largely a kind of pattern - what is called imperative
In Russia began to produce reusable masks of astronauts before flight put on strict quarantine, what to pay attention to when choosing insurance cov how to get a refund for a "refundable" tickets. About it read in the material "RG"
At subway stations in Moscow you can often hear appeals to buy something, although the fiddle is prohibited. In 2019 mountain traders fined 15 million rubles. Correspondent "RG" went through the city and looked, illegals afraid of punishment by rouble
Seven billion rubles will be spent by the state in 2020 to co-Finance subsidies to poor families and citizens, which will be entered into a social contract. About this "RG" said the Ministry
Alexander Kerzhakov almost two years, is the senior coach of the youth national team of Russia, composed of players up to 17 years. In an interview "RG" he shared his feelings about coaching and the ending of the season
As in Moscowthe First confirmed case of coronavirus was recorded on March 2, Muscovite, who arrived from Italy. He has already recovered and discharged from hospital. Today in the capital are infected 56 people. Since March 5, the Moscow...
The last two weeks of shelf-stable sweep of the stores faster than the trading network time to spread again. However, experts believe that there are no objective reasons for any significant increase in retail prices, even more so there is no shortage
In Moscow passed the next sentences in the criminal case about mass fight in the cemetery khovanskoye. Participants in the slaughter of George Makarieva and Shahmohamadi Capturea the court sentenced to prison terms
The Ministry of labor gave explanations on the payment of hospital issued in connection with the quarantine coronavirus. Contrary to the standard practice, it will be parts. The first payment will be delivered in 7 calendar days and the second after the closure of a leaf of invalidity
Quotes of barrel of Brent crude oil fell below $ 27 for the first time since November 2003. Today is set to be released US Department of energy on oil reserves. If they confirm the statistics API, it will support prices
Federal museums, theatres and concert halls have to offer the audience an interactive event available on the respective Internet sites. The corresponding instruction was given by the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova
It is necessary to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products to the population and to build food stocks in retail chains. This instruction was given by Vice-Premier of the Russian government Victoria Abramchenko
The CPS advised Russians aged 60 and older to take precautions in acute viral infections. This category of citizens is traditionally at risk
A continuation of Thailand's policy of "open doors" against the Russians, against the advice of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and common sense, looks like a selfish attempt by the Kingdom to solve the economic problems at the expense of health tourists, the columnist "RG"
The state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill on online sales of OTC drugs and approved serious penalties for selling counterfeit goods over the Internet. Documents particularly relevant in terms of the threat of coronavirus
Now outside of Russia there are about 100 thousand of Russian tourists, said the tourism. Most of them are in the Caribbean and South-East Asia and also in Turkey
Disputes over payment and utilities, as well as for repairs of housing often overshadow the communication of tenants with apartment owners. The experts gave advice on how to avoid such disagreements
The Russian currency is losing its position at the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange. Dollar exchange rate at the time was no more than 79.2 ruble, then moved to the mark of 77 rubles. In the stock market, the RTS index has overcome the next psychological barrier of 900 points
Schools across the country are switching to free mode visit, and in some regions - and is closing in. Institute of education, HSE has produced a useful step-by-step advice cards on what to do for teachers and school principals
The Ministry of economic development has found a way to refund for tours, burned down due to the closure of countries by coronavirus. The money will be reimbursed to the tourists at the expense of Fund the personal responsibility of tour operators
Ten days in voluntary isolation correspondent "the Russian newspaper". But the hospital she never brought. Soon at work, and in the shortage of masks. There are other problems. Common to all
The sharp collapse of the ruble and a potential acceleration of inflation may force the Central Bank to begin to raise the key interest rate. This, according to experts, will increase the cost of loans and make more profitable deposits
In the Russian hire the film "Unelected roads." One of the main roles in it was played by Salma Hayek. The Hollywood star said in an interview "RG", why do we leave in their lives some roads and the relations and choose other, about his attitude to Harvey Weinstein and his personal life
The operational decision of Executive Committee of Russian volleyball Federation from March 17 the championship of the country suspended on the same date and for an indefinite period. However, this is not for all tournaments under the auspices of the organization
Modern lenses allow you to change not only the color of the eyes, but also the shape of the pupil. But the mods should remember that beauty often requires sacrifice. Especially if lenses choose to wear wrong. Than it can end, found out the correspondent "RG"
Svalbard, the Arctic archipelago of Norway, close to the quarantine along with the rest of the country. March 16 morning, all 130 tourists, remaining there, sent from Oslo the flight. Places for isolation on the archipelago virtually no
Ministry of education and the Ministry of education recommended transfer students for distance learning. "RG" has collected interesting and useful digital services - with free access and high quality educational content
The championship of Europe on football because of the pandemic of mers moved for one year, from 2020 to 2021-th. This decision was taken following a meeting of the Union of European football associations
Most likely, rates on deposits and loans will rise in the next month or two. The best recipe for Bank customers - not to succumb to emotions. If you can do without the loan, it is better not to take, in principle, analysts say
The transfer of the "flying surveillance" will be aired on the channel "CHE!" from March 16. In each issue of the project Elena Volatile will tell the rights and responsibilities of producers of food and other goods. On this and many other leading told to "RG"
People infected COVID-19 can infect others after they have disappeared the symptoms of the disease. "Therefore, isolation measures should be observed for at least two weeks after disappearance of symptoms," - said the head of the who
MOE reported on the suppression of the fire. Firefighters managed to cope with natural fires on the territory of Russia. But even before the situation with the fire was very severe in several regions
All controlled by the Ministry of culture of the institution needs to put the visitors under one condition - the presence of a medical mask. These measures against the coronavirus will not only affect museums and exhibition halls, but theaters, circuses, cinemas
UEFA will take the European championship 2020 summer 2021. This decision was taken because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the world. The tournament will be held from 11 June to 11 July
Vladimir Putin has urged people in the background of the situation of coronavirus is not to waste money on products, which then have to be thrown away. The situation with the supply in Russian shops are reliable