What measures has the government taken to support the population and business

In the Cabinet think about the people whose daily life has been violated by the pandemic, and in addition the hit the welfare. “To mitigate these negative effects, the priority for the government”, – said the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the Presidium of the coordination Council for the fight against the disease.

Photo: REUTERS the Government has restricted the amount of loans to defer payments

To help families with low incomes a change in the rules of granting subsidies on payment of housing and communal services. “We have six months – until October 1, 2020, will extend their right to receive these subsidies without any confirmation,” – said the head of the Cabinet.

a Moratorium on penalties for unpaid utilities will be valid until the end of the year for all citizens. “Utilities for debt off will not” – promised the Prime Minister. Will not be charged a penalty for late payment of contributions for capital repairs. In addition, these months are excluded from the calculation of the calibration interval for electricity meters.

the Polis and crown

the Number of new decisions governing the health care system. In particular, laboratory studies on coronavirus will be paid under the program of obligatory medical insurance. Citizens who failed to complete the registration or re-registration of the document, extend the validity of temporary certificates.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/ WG Mishustin: Pandemic coronavirus must pass with a minimum losses

Everyone who needs emergency health care will be assured Mikhail Mishustin. Due to the risk of contact with sick temporarily suspended only preventive measures. Laboratory and other studies and planned hospitalization will guide the doctors.

Patients with serious diseases, including cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems and those who are now on dialysis, and will continue the treatment they need, – said the Prime Minister.

where necessary, the government enjoys the right to market regulation of medicines and medical products. On Monday the Cabinet issued rules for the treatment of a number of goods for the next 90 days. The list includes filtering respirators, medical masks and gloves, gauze, disposable medical kits, non-woven fabric, the sets individual medical civil protection to provide primary health care and first aid.

“Utilities for the debts off will not” – promised the Prime Minister

For products manufactured before and after the entry of the judgment, the size of the wholesale markup on each stage of the passage should not exceed 10 percent of the purchase price or cost. In retail organizations that have licenses for manufacturing medicines, limiting the amount of margin to actual prices should not exceed 10 cents per unit.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/ WG Why do pharmacies still no masks

in addition, the government approved the procedure for reimbursement of the cost of tickets for canceled concerts and cultural events. The organizer must offer an alternative or refund, if a person is not satisfied with the replacement, said Mishustin.

fees and taxes

The government approved a list of industries most affected by the coronavirus. It includes passenger and cargo aircraft and land transportation, the work of road service stations and autostations, the sphere of culture, art and leisure activities, health activities and sports, including sanatorium-resort organizations, tourism and hospitality, food service, additional education for children and adults, services for day care for children, as well as the organization of conferences and exhibitions. The list includes personal services: repair services, including computer facilities, dry cleaning, hairdresser and beauty salons.

For organizations and individual entrepreneurs of these areas includes a number of new support measures. Thus, the term of payment of the profit tax, unified agricultural tax, tax according to simplified system for 2019 is extended for 6 months, personal income tax for individual entrepreneurs last year for 3 months, taxes (except VAT, tax on professional income, taxes paid as a tax agent) and the advance payments of tax for March and the first quarter of 2020 – 6 months over April – June, for the second quarter and first half of 2020 – 4 months. Entrepreneurs paying taxes on the patent system will get a reprieve of four months in payments attributable to the second quarter of the year. The number of postponements provided for the payment of taxes to the regional budgets.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS How the city authorities will help businesses during isolation

the Deadlines for the submission of tax returns and calculations, the time of submission of which occurs in March – may 2020, extended nand three months to 15 may – deadline for submission of tax returns VAT and payroll insurance contributions for the first quarter of 2020.

On June 1, 2020 moved the timing of audits, checks of observance of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation, making decisions on the results of tax audits, decisions on suspension of operations under accounts of taxpayers.

Right to the deferral or installment for payment of taxes, advance payments and insurance contributions of organizations and individual businesses of the affected industries, as well as under a separate decision of the government strategic, system-forming and city-forming enterprises of other spheres, whose incomes fell by more than 10 percent or one of the other three criteria.

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/RIA Novosti the Ministry of Finance explained the new tax on interest on deposits

Regions Mikhail Mishustin has reminded that in the current situation, business need to promote, especially if it depends on a comfortable life in isolation. Especially the Prime Minister criticized the decision of some actors to close their borders. After the signals from Moscow over the weekend, the situation has improved, said the head of the Cabinet. He stressed that the restrictions must be adequate and conform to the measures introduced by the President and the Federal government.