What equipment to choose for home workouts

More movements

Equipment for training can be divided into two parts – cardio and weight equipment. The main objective is to increase physical activity. And best of all can handle a cardio equipment, said the coach of a network fitness-clubs World Gym Kristina Lesnikova.

under a typical apartment should take into account the dimensions of the sports equipment. To compact equipment applies mini-stepper. It is a small platform with pedals, which simulate walking up stairs. The budget option would cost about 2.5-3 thousand rubles.

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Less compact dimensions is the elliptical – depending on the set of functions it simulates skiing, climbing stairs, walking or running. During the lessons actively involves the muscles of the back. The question price depends on functionality and manufacturer. The budget version will cost about 15-20 thousand rubles.

the classic equipment of the categories include cardio exercise bikes. Their cost starts from about 10 thousand rubles. You can consider the option of buying a mini-exercise bikes that allow you to give a little load on the legs. A similar model can be purchased for 2.5-3 thousand rubles.

For active training suitable treadmill. Of the minuses – takes a lot of space. However, there are foldable options. The cost of the paths from 25-30 thousand rubles. You can also consider options of tracks only with function walk.

No worse than simulators

to Complement or be an alternative to exercise equipment can power equipment. The easiest option is dumbbells. According to Christine Lesnikova, for entry-level training it is possible to consider dumbbells weighing 1.5-2 kilograms. But the rods will have to give. This option is not suitable for city apartments. First, you need a special floor covering, secondly, you need a lot of space.

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For classes you can also consider the fitness-rubber – you can use it to perform a set of exercises. For people without training suitable training on stability balls special balls for fitness. To perform all exercises correctly, experts advise you to download special content, or to engage in online. This is best done under good music. And most importantly – do not overload the body. “It is better to do 20-30 minutes, but daily. The sessions can involve family members or friends online” – gives recommendations Christine Lesnikova.

the Cost of buying sports equipment can and does minimize. This will require improvised materials. For example, yoga blocks and straps can replace books and belt for clothes. Alternative to dumbbells can be plastic water bottles.

Where to buy and how much to wait?Online services spoke about the protection of messengers from the coronavirus

to Order the equipment, inventory and home delivery can be online or at the point of delivery. In most stores shipping is free. And the waiting period will be a few days. So, for the purchase of equipment in the “Sportmaster” will be required to pay a 100 Deposit. Delivery time – it will be free – range from two days. In the “Decathlon” free delivery will make purchase for the sum from 36 thousand rubles. This offer is valid in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A choice of several delivery options – this will depend on the time interval of arrival, theEPA and possible payment methods. If ordered before 16.00, you can have it delivered the next day. However, due to high demand, the terms can be shifted. Services are also available for pickup. In stores beg-dorozhki.ru and “Eliptica” ready to deliver the order for free. Waiting time – 4 hours. Service “Take.ru” will deliver the order by courier within 2 to 6 days. For large equipment weighing more than 20 kg will have to pay 550 rubles. Work and product. The store “World of sports” promise to deliver the order to register on the website or by phone within one working day. Store in Air-Gym shipping will cost 300-500 rubles. Free goods will bring, if order amount will exceed 15 thousand rubles. Also available pickup.

How to save?

to Find a budget option on the site free of ads. For example, the services “Craigslist” and “Yula” published a number of proposals for the sale of simulators, many of which people hardly ever used.

Another option is to take a couple of weeks the simulator to rent. This service today, in particular, offer services Next2U, Rentmania, Fitsharing, RentFit.