The Ministry of Finance of Syria issued Tuesday a decree on the preventive arrest of all accounts and property of a cousin of Syrian President Bashar al — Assad, Rami Makhlouf, his wife and children. The document is available at the disposal of “Kommersant”.The decision was made to guarantee the payment of the amounts, which requires belonging to Mr Makhlouf the mobile phone company Syriatel, the Office of telecommunications and postal services in Syria. We are talking about the amount 233,8 billion Syrian pounds ($450 million), which was to reimburse the difference between the initial (advance) license fee income and actual income of the company for the last five years. The state has other financial claims to the Rami Makhlouf.Since the end of April, one of the richest men in Syria was posted on his page in Facebook three messages to Bashar al-Assad, in which he complained of pressure on the employees of the company (including arrests) and asked his cousin to personally investigate the situation. In the latest video, posted on Sunday, Rami Makhlouf said that talks with the Syrian authorities about the release of the arrested employees Syriatel. According to the businessman, the mutual he was required not only financial payments but also contracts with a specific company for maintenance Syriatel, as well as distancing himself from the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors, but he did not agree.On Monday, the Department of telecommunications and postal Syria published a copy of the letter of senior officials Syriatel that they are ready to resolve all the issues with the regulator, but Rami Makhlouf gave them such authority, so they are ready to retire.Read more about the conflict Rami Makhlouf and Bashar al-Assad — in the article “how Much a pound brother.”Marianna Belenkaya