the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the statement of the US Ambassador in Warsaw Gorget of Mosbacher that Americans can relocate their nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland.

the Ministry noted that this would violate a key provision of the “Founding act on mutual relations, cooperation and security between the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),” dated may 27, 1997.

Recall, this document States: “member States of NATO affirm that you do not have intentions, plans or reasons to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of new members, and have no need to change any aspect of the nuclear posture of NATO or NATO’s nuclear policy, and does not foresee a need to do so in the future.”

the US Ambassador in Warsaw earlier intervened in ongoing for several weeks in Germany, the dispute about the placement on the territory of the country of U.S. nuclear weapons. “If Germany wants to reduce the nuclear potential of NATO and weaken the Alliance, it is possible that Poland, which clearly fulfills its obligations, is aware of the risks and is situated on the Eastern flank of NATO could deploy appropriate forces and means at ourselves,” wrote Garrett of Mosbacher on Twitter the evening of may 15.

“I Hope that Washington and Warsaw are aware of the hazardous nature of such statements, which exacerbate the already experiencing not the best period of relations between Russia and NATO, and endanger the very material basis of European security has already been weakened by the unilateral steps of the USA, first of all, the withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range”, — said Tuesday, may 19, the Russian foreign Ministry.

“long ago entered Russia, returning all nuclear weapons to its national territory”, — reminded in dipvedomstva.

the Debate on U.S. tactical nuclear weapons erupted in Germany after it became known that the defense Minister Annegret crump, Karrenbauer previously agreed with the Pentagon mark Esper of acquisition 30 fighter-bombers F/A-18 °F production of Boeing. They are designed to replace the obsolete Tornado and in the event of a conflict involving nuclear forces can carry American bombs B61.

Elena Chernenko

On the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, reducing strategic offensive arms and the other.