India conducts an operation to return home around 50 thousand of their citizens stranded in pandemic in more than 30 countries. In the course of its decisive second phase, which runs until 22 may, the Indians will be evacuated from Europe, Australia, Canada and some former Soviet republics. The export from Russia will begin on may 25. As said “Kommersant”, the Ambassador of India in Russia Bala Venkatesh Varma, evacuation of compatriots has become a unique operation, it involves not only the Indian civil aviation but also military and naval forces.In terms of isolation, after school programs in India till may 31 in connection with the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, the country will face another challenge looming on the North-Eastern States cyclone “Ampan” (Amphan). The main impact of the disaster on the coast of the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday will assume the States of West Bengal and Odisha. “Ampan” will be the first supercolonies storm in the Bay of Bengal over the last two decades — the previous similar cyclone in 1999 killed more than 9 thousand people. In this regard, the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi held an emergency meeting, discussed the plan of evacuation of people from the coast to other regions of the country.On the background of the evacuation inside the country, complicating the conditions of quarantine, India has started two weeks ago an operation to export home about 50 thousand of their citizens stranded in pandemic in more than 30 countries. “The government of India will be phased to facilitate the return of Indian nationals, for good reasons who were abroad. The evacuation will be organized by aircraft and naval vessels. Indian Embassy and high Commission (Consulate.— “B”) must prepare a list of affected Indian citizens. This service will be provided on chargeable basis. For air travel will be arranged non-scheduled commercial flights,”— said the press service of the government of India on the eve of the first phase of the operation, which initially was to be held from may 7 to may 13.The first step was to return home with 64 flights 14.8 thousand Indian citizens. This involved aircraft operated by Air India and its subsidiary Air India Express, performed ten flights in the UAE, seven flights to the USA and the UK, five in Saudi Arabia and Singapore and two in Qatar. In addition, the first phase was evacuated Indians from Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Philippines. In the first phase in the end, it took more time than planned. However, on 13 may, the Minister of civil aviation Hardeep Singh Puri announced plans to spend from 16 to 22 may the second, more ambitious phase of evacuation. “On first stage we had to return 14.8 thousand Indians with 64 flights. In the second phase, these figures are doubled. Another 30 thousand ��of ndizi return from 31 countries on 149 routes. The second phase of the mission will not be to wait until the flights of the first stage will end. These two phases will occur simultaneously,” explained Hardeep Singh Puri on Twitter.The second stage of operation provides for the export of Indian citizens from Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, Indonesia, and former Soviet republics — Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.At the first stage to the process of the removal of Indians from abroad was connected to the Navy — helicopter landing ship dock Jalashwa (ex-Trenton us Austin class), able to carry up to 1 thousand people), and two landing ships Shardul and Magar, which can host up to 300 people each.First 698 Indian nationals in the port of Kochi (Kerala state) were taken out of the Republic of Maldives Jalashwa. Then your flight to the Maldives has committed Magar evacuating from the island nation for another 200 Indians working there. Passengers were prepared a separate section of the ship, the observance of sanitary norms was carried out by dividing people into groups.”India’s operation to return his fellow citizens from different countries of the world becoming the largest such action in a pandemic, given its geography and the number of people returned home. At the first stage we managed to bring the Indians not only from Western countries but also from the Middle East, where there is a large Indian Diaspora. In addition, India became the only country in the world that uses for the evacuation of civilians its military and naval forces”,— said “Kommersant”, the Ambassador of India in Russia, Bala Venkatesh Varma.Since 25 may, the government of India will start export of its citizens from Russia. Export flights for those wishing to leave Russia will be carried out from Moscow Domodedovo airport.Sergey Strokan