In the U.S. city of Seattle ended the short history of zone CHAZ, or CHOP,— the Autonomous community without the police and the authorities created by the protesters after they managed to capture a few streets, but the guards voluntarily left their police station. A few weeks, the city authorities decided what to do with the municipality, but the rampant crime and the deterioration of the situation determined its fate.Wednesday at 6:15 local time on the streets of Seattle he heard a loud Bang: smoke bomb exploded. As if on cue, tightened here by police forces began to move into several streets, for almost a month, occupied by protesters. Dressed in protective uniforms of the guards were moving forward without encountering serious resistance. “I woke up and saw that all around running and shouting: “Cops! The cops are here!””,— told the newspaper The New York Times a local resident Derek Jones, a few weeks living in the Autonomous area. Sometimes organized groups of protesters tried to resist police, but the problem was quickly resolved — or conviction, or detention of several particularly violent troublemakers.The police were, dismantling the fences and removing billboards with messages like this: “We will not leave until you complete the following our requirements. 1. Deprive the police of Seattle 50% financing right now. 2. Give money to the black communities. 3. Release all the protesters.” Sometimes the guards with batons gently rattling the bushes in search of a hiding there the protesters or the homeless. Several hours after the operation ended with the arrest of 31 people, police moved on the roof, and in the liberated streets flooded municipal employees who had to clean up badly polluted streets and to dismantle tents and awnings, installed by protesters.Thus ended the history of the territory known under the names CHAZ (“Autonomous area of Capitol hill”), or CHOP (“the Organized protest of Capitol hill”), which the liberals saw the triumph of freedom, and conservatives — crazed rampant impunity parasites. Autonomous area and organized a protest — without, by the way, Capitol hill, of which there never was, lasted a little more than a month.”Our task is to protect peaceful protests. Over the past few weeks on these streets were dominated by violence and lawlessness, and this we cannot allow,”— commented on the incident, the police chief of the city Carmen the best.Mayor Jenny Durkan asked guards not to bring charges in the crimes of people who were detained on the territory of CHAZ for refusing to disperse or other misconduct. Mrs. Durcan, many weeks speaking in support of the protest, explained: to go to the liquidation camps she was forced to by the growing level of violence.The story of CHAZ began on 9 June, when the streets began clashes police and protesters, unhappy with the death of the African-American George Floyd after detention by the police. The city authorities ordered the guards to leave the police station and not to oppose the protesters. Those in the answer have declared “liberated” zone free from police and violence, and changed the inscription on the plot so that instead of “police Department of the city of Seattle” turned “the people’s Department of the city of Seattle”.Coverage of events in CHAZ depended on the political beliefs of those who have covered them. The New York Times wrote: “the experience of life without the police — half commune, half a street festival. Hundreds of people came to hear speakers, poets, and musicians. On Tuesday evening, dozens of people right in the intersection I watched the movie ava Duvernay about the impact that the criminal justice system has on African Americans. The next day, the children drew with chalk in the street…”Fox News, in turn, described how the protesters snatched from the hands of the residents of Seattle, American flags, and talked about the violence in the area.The territory, however, had scandals: almost from the witnesses reported that the rapper Once Simon along with a group of like-minded armed (which allow the laws of the state of Colorado) and began to patrol the streets, performing police functions. He was accused in the attack on the journalists. Besides, he clearly was unable to maintain order: in ten days in CHAZ have been four shootings, two people were killed. Meanwhile, CHAZ began to pull homeless people from all over the city, and go from there they were planning. Police and ambulance to work in the “zone” is not allowed.”Deteriorating conditions and numerous cases of violence with firearms has led to the fact that we had to act in the interests of public safety. It was obvious that many people walk out of there not going to, but without care it was impossible to reduce the negative consequences for society and to maintain public order,” said mayor Jenny Durkan. Complicated situation and requirements were unclear: some protesters wanted to deprive the police of funding, while others formulated common demands like economic justice.The news of the end of “autonomy” gleefully embraced in the White house — the President Donald trump has repeatedly called the “zone” of captured territory. When mopping CHAZ learned the press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makanani, she called the incident “a failed democratic experiment of the radical left”. “The data is clear: anarchy is anti-American phenomenon. Need law and order. The safety of our streets is secured,”— EXTAvila she is.However, CHAZ is dead, but its business lives: attempts to create Autonomous zones taken in Richmond (Virginia), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and new York. “These are our streets!” — shouted the policeman in the face with one of the women in Seattle in the last minutes of the existence of the local area. But the authorities have a different opinion.Alexey Naumov