the representatives of the Ministry of education and science and the higher education community said the features of the admission campaign in 2020. As it turned out, now all are waiting for the decision of the Moscow government on whether to apply for universities in the capital only in person or remotely. However, in any case, the entrants the results of the exam must do so no later than August 18, inclusive. The universities, where in addition to the exam have their own entrance test, will complete the admission documents early. When it is – necessary to track on their website.

this year, the government, the Deputy head of the Ministry of education and science Dmitry Afanasiev, “I tried to minimize changes compared to previous years” (presumably, to completely not to confuse the already confused military tuition). For example, still each incoming has the right to send their documents to five different universities in three specialties in each. But there are innovations.

First of all, shifted the timing of the campaign. The majority of students must apply to 18 August inclusive. But in those universities where preserved own, additional entrance test (DWI), the deadline ends before, and this time not to be late, applicants should clearly keep track of the websites of universities. (For example, in Moscow state University. Lomonosov apply have until August 4).

DWI is held internally. But if this does not allow the epidemiological situation, the University, as explained in Minobrnauki, is obliged to ensure the delivery of these tests in electronic form. But whether or not creative tests that do not fit in a distant form, decide University. Cinematography, for example, this year they were rejected, and the first course to score will not.

by the Way, in the number of universities went into a rage to fight cheating dealer online exams, as it turned out, forced to answer… with closed eyes! Meanwhile, “one bans will achieve nothing, – said the President of the Russian Academy of education and the Dean of pigface MSU Lomonosov Iurii Zinchenko. In the end, don’t forget that there are earpieces!” Much better, experts warn, to construct exam questions to Cribs and tips on them would be impossible to answer. And this statement is hard to argue.

Filing of documents has already begun. This year those who enter the results of the exam, to wait for the results of their testing is not necessary. Statements can be submitted now, and assessment the members of the selection Committee will take later from the unified database of the exam. However, representatives of University admissions officers warn that benefits those who applied before the others, no.

the Competitive situation before the advent of the results of the exam also will not be seen, and only when you see the resultsyou can change the direction of training or choose another University. So much hurry makes no sense.

to Apply this year can be different ways. First, in person (but only where sufficient epidemiological situation, and the capital’s universities from day to day waiting for the decision of the Moscow government about whether it is possible to do it in Moscow). Second, online, and “all universities are obliged to accept documents through its electronic sites”,- underline in the Ministry.

third, in 54 of the University documents can be submitted through the unified portal of public services. Fourth, you can send documents by mail. (A certificate may also be submitted in the form of a photo or scan, and the original is to be submitted within the school year).

However, taking a decision, we must bear in mind that consent for admission, the applicant must submit in the same way as the documents. So if the documents are sent by mail, and the consent will have to send the same way. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the time not to be late.

the First wave of enrollments (olimpiadnye, the disabled, orphans and other applicants under the quota) will be held on August 22. Then, until 26 August, will be held on the 1st and 2nd wave of enrollment in low places the rest of the applicants – and only then will the enrollment contract. Terms of enrollment of the last (and external students), each school sets itself.

The Ministry of education also said that depending on the development of the epidemiological situation, by the beginning of autumn, there are three scenarios at the beginning of the school year. Plan a – full-time training, beginning 1 September. Plan B — delay the start of the school year for up to two months. Plan — distance learning.

meanwhile, as confirmed in the Ministry of education, this year 75% of budget places in medical schools would be devoted to targeted training at the request of regions or health facilities (in 2019 — 60%). The situation is similar in the transport sector, where the tseleviki will get about 80% of the seats, and in flight and is 90-100%.