On 2 July, the CEC summed up the results of nationwide voting on constitutional amendments. The voting took place during the week. The turnout was 67,97%, the amendment was voted 77,92% of voters, against — of 21.27%. What was your reaction to the vote, the foreign press — in the compilation of “y”.Read delete New York Times (new York, USA)The New York Times (new York, USA)Seven days of the Russian plebiscite, designed to ensure the stay of President Vladimir Putin in power until at least 2036, gave the expected result. Less clear was why Putin even needed voters to approve a number of amendments, because they are already approved by the Parliament and regional legislatures across the country.The final melodramatic gesture became Putin’s address to the nation on Tuesday… in Order to achieve this, the Kremlin has set in motion all. Voters were attracted to the plots by draw of lottery prizes, coupons to stores, clown performances and other attractions. In some places there were reports of fraud, but more significant was the forced mobilization of large numbers of voters whose livelihood depends in one way or another from the positive attitude towards the Kremlin.Financial Times (London, UK)Financial Times (London, UK)During normal elections, the announcement of preliminary results before I closed all the polls is illegal. But in the current vote on the Constitution, little was normal…Analysts say that the Kremlin feared that public dissatisfaction with Putin, which already has grown to pandemic because of the deteriorating living conditions will be even higher due to anger at his behavior during outbreaks. A piecemeal approach to the pandemic and a modest support package business, which was forced to suspend its activities during the quarantine, has led to the fact that his ratings went down.”Straniu” (Kiev, Ukraine)”Straniu” (Kiev, Ukraine)Vladimir Putin gets the right two more times to run for President. Whether he will take advantage of this opportunity in 2024 or not is an open question (likely to go). But at least everyone will know that he can do it. Which means that it reduces the likelihood of destabilization of the situation in Russia, which would be possible if everyone knew that the current President is definitely not going to rule after 2024. In this case, it could turn the struggle between his potential successors, and the influence of Putin himself, as the outgoing leader would rapidly decline.Read deleteregkey words, amendments to the Basic law of the Russian Federation cemented the current course of the Russian government, and extending the power of Vladimir Putin, and in General, the configuration of power, which was established in Russia over the past twenty years. For Ukraine, this means neisen��spine of the current policy of Moscow on all key issues of relations with our country — the Donbass, the Crimea and in General politics in the post-Soviet space. And confrontation with the West, which is continuing for the sixth year, the conflict with Ukraine.”Ukrainian Pravda” (Kyiv, Ukraine)”Ukrainian Pravda” (Kyiv, Ukraine)”In 2008 I’ll go to the opposition and criticize the government.” 13 years after Vladimir Putin will declare it to his fellow citizens, on this promise, nobody will be hope. Using all the loopholes in the law for the tenure of the government, the Russian President undertook to change the Constitution. Their simple and clear plans to continue to rule he shyly covered high emotion of the Motherland, God and the protection of children…the Last of them — the “popular vote”, officially the plebiscite, which ended on July 1… “Reset” Putin is actually in the law. And for a long time, perhaps for life. Together with the Royal authority, “God and truth”.The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada)The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada)Although nothing has changed fundamentally with the results of the referendum on Wednesday, the 67 — year-old former KGB controls the country no more and no less than before, but it was a Declaration of intent… Putin closed the debate about who can be his successor. The message to opponents both within the country and abroad is that it makes no sense to look ahead or speculate about potential successors. Barring anything shocking, the West will have to deal with Vladimir Putin.Forbes (Jersey city, USA)Forbes (Jersey city, USA)Putin Himself warned the Russians from the search for a successor, arguing that it would divert civil servants from their work. In other words, he’s the man here and try something else risky. But perhaps it is in this respect, Putin is not prepared. Reasonable leadership includes succession planning, but Putin does not seem to go anywhere. Its reliance on just one person — himself — is the weak point in his system. That was made easy offer to extend his reign, shows a lack of imagination and tactical skill that characterized his earlier political successes.Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Zurich, Switzerland) Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Zurich, Switzerland) Despite the coronavirus associated with the crisis, the Kremlin drags, something that he obviously has the highest priority, the strengthening of the power of the President — the Kremlin’s Actions are reminiscent of the falsity of the Brezhnev Constitution of 1977, when excessive list of imaginary rights of Soviet workers tried to cover the most important, namely the consolidation of a “leading” role of the Communist party in the state, and thus its absolute monopoly on power…Even the main concern of the Russian elite — the preservation of power and d��moves — in the long term is not resolved. The unsolved problem of the continuity of Putin is delayed until when the time runs out on the biological clock. So often we glorify the regime’s stability rests on shaky foundations.Die Welt (Berlin, Germany) Die Welt (Berlin, Germany) Improvised polling stations — a symbol procedure, which is an unprecedented violation of the idea of free elections. The consequence of this may be that already undermined Russian democracy maybe decades, degraded to a simple show.And Putin will probably get two good results: most of his changes to the Constitution and the successful test of the new electoral system — multi-day voting, improvised polling stations and prone to manipulation of online voting.Perhaps in the future Russia will be possible to vote until, until you reach the desired result. For example, in the Duma elections next year.Transferred Alena Miklashevskaya, Jan Christmas, Eugene Tail