“We always talk about the brotherhood. This term is absolutely consistent with the history of our relations, but the fact that this category is not necessarily constant. As experience shows, one brotherhood does not go far. Moreover, just between close relatives are the most heavy fights, so that’s why we need to value it to the term, and our descendants could also speak with the same feeling, but based on experience, which we use, is the experience of the great Patriotic war, construction of socialism, some successes of the Soviet Union, and on the experience that we currently create,” he said. Otherwise, he continued, future generations will not even talk about any brotherhood between the two countries. That is why the contemporaries of a great responsibility, Rapota said.

According to the state Secretary of the Union state of Russia and Belarus must be clear about the strategy for the development of interaction in various aspects. “One of the key fields of our strategic relationship needs to be the economy. Because this is our power, the mood of the people who live in our countries, our welfare, our security. Therefore, everything associated with the economy, some strategic areas of cooperation, is extremely important,” he said.

Rapota added that a very important point here should be joining forces in creative activities. In this regard, he noted the importance of the Union state programs, which combine the efforts of scientists, engineers, technicians and specialists in the field of space exploration, nuclear technology, nuclear technologies, military-technical cooperation and other areas. According to Rapota, from all this it is necessary to choose something that creates the Foundation for future prosperity of Russia and Belarus.

“And here I would have paid attention to the development of infrastructure, which would connect the two countries more closely, would give the opportunity for enhanced economic cooperation not only between us but also with the outside world. Here are the projects that are associated with the construction of high-speed highways, high speed Railways, I think, is the question of questions. If it is not, generally speaking about some kind of unified spatial development of the Union state is possible only in theory”, he added.