Despite the strong blow to the Russian economy because of the collapse in oil prices and pandemics, the production figures do not show the worst results. “During four months we have kept the level of last year”, – said Manturov deputies. Russia, he said, failed to promptly deploy additional capacity. The Minister, in particular, said that Russia is four times cheaper mask – the price was knocked down from 55 rubles to 13. This happened due to the fact that since the beginning of March increased their production by 5 times, almost to 9 million pieces a day.

For the three months of the pandemic, it became clear that “the trading system is debugged and works,” also said Manturov. Shopping online around the clock supported a two-month stock. “As a result we were able to meet practically all requests of the buyers, not allowing any abrupt rise in prices, no shortage, unlike other countries,” – said the head of Ministry of industry and trade.

Despite the March, the excitement, the grocery trade in the course of the pandemic showed minus 9%. Now the situation is getting better, “has finally earned non-food retail”. And stocks at retailers for more than four weeks. “But we need to continue to develop the principles of multi-format trade, – said Manturov, noting that it is the task of the meeting of the Russian President. – Primarily due to the development of non-stationary mobile trading and markets.”

shoppers in the course of the pandemic was to large supermarkets and small forms of trade have suffered the most. “Coronavirus ends – means, people should have a choice where to buy their products,” – said the Minister. And here we need the assistance of deputies – it is necessary to promptly consider the bill on the support of non-stationary trade. It was submitted to the Duma by the Russian government in 2018. As explained by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, the consideration of the bill was deferred after consultation with the government and Federation Council. Now the amendments are expected from the Cabinet. In the state Duma will create a working group to finalize the document. “Let’s try to consider during the spring session,” – said the speaker.

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