NI explained how the US lost Russian submarine in 2018

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. American National Interest magazine estimated the Russian submarine project “Ash” and the stealth of these submarines, because of which USA in the past lost their trail.

the Publication recalled the words of rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy Dave Johnson, who was so impressed by the “Severodvinsk” — the head ship of the project, ordered him a model for his office, “not to forget what the Navy will have to be dealt with.”

One of the advantages of “Ash” magazine calls it the stealth. So, in 2018, when the Russian submarine swam in the Atlantic ocean, the American military couldn’t find in a few weeks. The thing, says NI, in the case of low steel, which significantly reduces the magnetic signature of the submarine.

“In time of peace to lose the Russian submarine — a headache. During the conflict, losing track of the submarine — mortal danger,” concluded the author.

Submarine project “Ash” — a series of domestic multi-purpose submarines of the fourth generation. The lead ship of the project — the nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” — entered the Navy in 2014. this Fall is also expected the adoption of the submarine “Kazan”, designed for the modernized project “Ash-M”. Within this series, the domestic fleet also needs to of the submarine “Novosibirsk”, “Krasnoyarsk”, “Arkhangelsk”, “Perm”, “Ulyanovsk” and two more ships.