Today, few can pick up the historical banner of the great Victory of our fathers and grandfathers proudly carry it and to pass on to children, said Alexander Lukashenko. Turning on 2 July to the participants of the solemn meeting devoted to independence Day of Belarus, the Belarusian leader made it clear that the time has come to defend the honor of the banner winners.

“When we see that even the descendants of people saved 75 years ago from fascist slavery and genocide demolish the monuments to Soviet soldiers and glorify the Nazis, we understand that the war is not over”, – with bitterness has said the President, quoted by his press service. She continues, in his words, in the cultural, informational, political, and economic spheres.

At the same time, in his opinion, it is the heroic events of the past shape the national identity of the people, unite it. “Therefore, any attempt to discredit generation of winners would be viewed as infringement of sovereignty, the bearer of which is the Belarusian people,” stressed the Belarusian leader.

According to him, you need to understand that the ideological descendants and followers of those who stood at the other front line, will not leave attempts to rewrite the history of the Second world war or consign it to oblivion. “But we have no right to prevent it. You do not have rights in the name of the memory of those who gave their lives for the freedom of Belarus, for today’s present and the future of our children and grandchildren”, – said the President.

He reminded page of the historiography of the second world war, according to which only on the territory of Belarus there were more than 260 death camps, here, there were about 140 punitive expeditions, more than three years of continued inhuman suffering of the Belarusians in the occupation. “This memory is immortalized in more than 8 thousands of monuments, archival films and documents, she lives in the people’s initiative “Belarus remembers”.

Addressing the veterans, Lukashenko noted that they restored peace in the country store as the most important value in life. “It is our sacred duty – in the name of your great feat to preserve and transmit to future generations a peaceful, secure and independent Belarus. Despite the mess of modernity, I can assure you, we’re keeping this a peaceful and independent country,” assured the Belarusian leader.

the event in the Palace of Republic on Thursday was attended by senior officials, representatives of state bodies, parliamentarians, the representatives of political parties and public associations, religious confessions, creative unions. Among the participants of the ceremony were war veterans, representatives of labor collectives and scientific institutions, representatives of the diplomatic corps.

For participants in the Palace of the Republic hosted a festive concert mA��TERS of the art “Highway of our lives.” Through the image of the concert Magistral, Belarusian way of development chosen by the people and in which moves, creating their recent history.