the Law on the subject of the establishment of the title was signed in March. As Putin has noticed, it claimed, 28 Russian cities. Applications submitted to the organizing Committee was supported by many signatures. The Kremlin took that into account when considering the question. “For each such signature is a deeply personal attitude to the heroes of the great Patriotic war, its true history,” – said the President.

eventually approved applications Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Perm, Nizhny Tagil, Saratov, Omsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Magnitogorsk, Izhevsk, Ufa, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Ivanovo, Novokuznetsk, Irkutsk and Borovichi. Arguments in favor of these cities, in the words of the head of state, “an obvious, compelling and fully comply with the procedures and criteria of the Federal law”. Documents on awarding titles Vladimir Putin has promised to sign soon.

“For uninterrupted production of military and civilian products of enterprises of these towns have been repeatedly awarded the order of the red banner of the State defense Committee, reminded the President. – Numerous instances of personal courage and labour heroism of the inhabitants documented”.

In Borovichi, for example, is home to only 49 thousand people, told the President, the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia”, Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Turchak. “This honorary title voted 42 thousand, or 85.5%, i.e., almost all the inhabitants of the city, he said. – The people are waiting for what the decision will be made in this anniversary year.” In General, said the Senator, for applications voted millions of people across the country, collected signatures, campaigned for his city on the street and on the Internet. “These initiatives unite people, instill an interest in history, evoke a sense of pride in the feats of labor of our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers,” – said Turchak.

the Initiative is the establishment of the new titles received a “truly national support,” said Vladimir Putin. “It will allow to emphasize the selfless heroism” – said the head of state. In particular, it “unprecedented, heroic” the evacuation from the war zone of 25 million people and nearly three thousand enterprises.” “What is striking is how people have solved the problems of such inconceivable complexity worked at the limit of human capabilities – the President said. – Many examples when not only the workers but also business leaders, and Ministers died there, in the mud, was dying when transporting and put the enterprise in a new place”.

as a result, according to him, managed to move thousands of kilometers into the country, whole sectors of the economy, for one or two months, literally from the wheels, in the open field to launch strategic production. For over a year not��great was created, in fact, a new industrial base that worked for the Victory.

Vladimir Putin during the meeting, also thanked everyone who participated in the preparation and conduct of festive events on the occasion of her 75th birthday. Despite the pandemic, the most expensive for Russians, the main holiday of the country took place, he said. 24 June – the anniversary of the legendary Parade of winners – on the red square, the streets of Russian cities held a solemn March the great-grandchildren of soldiers-liberators. And participated in the Parade as Russian servicemen, and their colleagues from abroad, said the head of state.

special words of gratitude to Putin appealed to those who implemented a new meaningful projects intended primarily for veterans. And to the members of the volunteer associations, which in the difficult months of the pandemic has helped people of older generations. “Such concern, involvement was essential,” stressed the President, adding that caring young people – more and more.

“the Memory that we have carefully passed down from generation to generation – the strongest guarantee that we all together will never allow to alter the value and outcome of the Victory, to belittle the feat of the Soviet people who defended their Homeland and saved the peoples of Europe, have suffered irreparable – not only combat losses,” – said Vladimir Putin.

the crimes of the Nazis and their henchmen, the genocide against the peoples of the Soviet Union does not expire, the President said. “According to its plans, the Nazis were preparing to colonize the lands of the Soviet Union, and all who lived here – Slavs, people of other nationalities, it was about to destroy or turn into slaves, deprived of their language, culture,” – recalled the Russian leader. Assessment of their crimes must be unshakable in the Russian legislation and international law, he said. Vladimir Putin has charged to profile departments “to conduct constantly work” in this direction, including developing the principles laid down in the constitutional amendment.